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Mustang engine performance is as recognizable as America and apple pie. Each enthusiast is very demanding on what he or she wants out of their engine. Luckily, Steeda has all the necessary parts to get your Mustang up to racehorse status. We offer a wide variety of engine upgrades such as cold air intakes, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, and crate engines. Each one of these parts can ultimately help take your Mustang from mule to stallion at a moment's notice.

Whether you're looking to add a little bit more horsepower to your street machine or build the fastest pony at the track, Steeda has the knowledge, parts, and expertise to help you reach your engine goals. To get more information or to order your Mustang engine parts, contact one of our performance specialists today!

Achieving your engine goals has to be one of the biggest motivators for every Mustang enthusiast. They're always trying to get as much horsepower and torque out of their engine as possible. Luckily, Steeda has everything you need in place to accomplish your Mustang engine goals! For instance, if you're seeking to build a fun street car that you can tear up the streets with, we offer a combination of cold air intakes and throttle bodies that will enhance its horsepower, which will aid in higher throttle response throughout the RPM range.

For those who are looking to build a full-on racehorse, Steeda has everything from upgraded cylinder heads, camshafts, valvetrain, and short blocks to turn up the power to over 1,000 horses. To help keep all that horsepower healthy, we have a wide selection of race engine oil and all the necessary fluids to keep you headed down the track. Our oil separators will help keep your Mustang engine from potential detonation, which will aid in keeping oil out of unnecessary areas throughout your engine. However, if you're not looking for performance upgrades, we sell a diverse selection of replacement OEM parts to fix a leaky oil pan or busted head gasket.

Whichever route you decide to go for your Mustang engine, know that Steeda has everything under one roof to help you achieve your horsepower goals. For more information and to maximize your horsepower potential, be sure to contact one of our performance specialists today!