Since the inception of the Mustang, the roar of its engine, as well as exhaust note, has been the centerpiece and focal point of what makes the American icon so legendary amongst the automotive community. Legendary engines like the high-output 302, Boss 429 derived from the Ford NASCAR racing program, and the legendary 427 Cobra Jet found in the likes of the 1967 Shelby GT500 and Mach 1. Through these engineering marvels and automotive icons, the Mustang has been able to take all of this knowledge to apply it to today's modern interpretation of engines.

It has created the ability for companies like Steeda, Borla, Corsa, and many others to develop H-pipes that will help your Mustang not only sound unbelievably amazing, but also give you the increased horsepower that every enthusiast aspires to have. For over thirty years, Steeda has helped Mustang faithful choose the correct H-pipe to get the deep growl, and throaty exhaust notes that many enthusiasts desire to have out of their Mustang V8 engine. Our H-pipes are made of the highest quality stainless steel that can be found, to ensure reliability as well as performance capability.

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In the world of Mustang performance, it is a vital key to choose the correct components to enhance that already stout performance that America's favorite pony car already comes with. To further the production of the Mustang, enthusiasts will turn to one of the most popular modifications that will not only give the grave and throaty V8 roar that you expect from a Mustang but also allow you to gain substantial horsepower enthusiasts desire from your pony. In comparison to an X-pipe, an H-pipe will give you a much deeper, old school muscle sound while adding more horsepower.

Steeda has been creating phenomenal H-pipes for over thirty years, so without question, we have the experience of helping customers achieve the proper horsepower and exhaust note they wish to have. Each one of our H-pipes is designed with the highest quality, 304 stainless steel and tig welded to maintain the absolute highest quality manufacturing and durability. Each one of our offerings is made to bolt directly in the stock location using factory connections.

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