Floor Mats

Floor Mats

Floor Mats

Every time you step in the cockpit of your legendary American pony car, some of the first things that greet you as you open the door is the seat, steering wheel, shifter, pedals, and floor mats. Each one of these components is what separates the Mustang from other sports cars in the marketplace. Floor mats are one of the best ways Mustang enthusiasts can differentiate themselves from the herd of Mustang models out there. Nowadays, there are many options for enthusiasts that can be had from various embroidered floor mats with either a Cobra, Pony, or Steeda logo to aid in making a statement while at your local car show.

If you're worried about getting your carpet dirty and torn up, don't worry; we offer a wide variety of rubber floor mats to collect dust and dirt. No matter what you need, Steeda has the floor mat options to fulfill your needs and wants for your stallion.

As the saying goes, "it is all in the details"; well, this couldn't more truthful than any time you open your pony's door to climb in the saddle. Every detail is essential to helping Mustang enthusiasts differentiating themselves from the rest of the herd of stallions out there. One component that helps get this job done is floor mats; not only are they practical to keeping dirt and grime controlled to one area, but they can also give a unique styling cue to the interior of your Mustang.

Replacing worn-out mats with a new set of carpeted mats is incredibly easy and brings a huge improvement to the interior look and feel of your Mustang. These luxurious mats have a great feel, resist piling, and are incredibly resistant to most stains. Better yet, they only take a few minutes to install and designed to fit in your Mustangs footwell. Anyone who's ever wrestled with a "fits all" style floor mat knows the hassle and potential danger of mats that aren't designed to fit in your car exactly.

If you live in a climate where inclement weather is a persistent concern, Steeda carries an awesome selection of all-weather mats that are designed to fit exactly in your footwell and contain mud, snow, ice, and whatever else you can throw at them! These heavy-duty, rubberized mats utilize a raised lip to contain whatever gets tracked in on your shoes are easily cleaned when the time comes. These are a fantastic investment and keep your Mustangs stock carpets in great condition.

Luckily, many companies like Steeda offer customers floor mats tailored to have either an embroidered Pony, Cobra, or Steeda logo on the floor mat. If carpet floor mats aren't for you, don't worry; we have a wide range of rubber floor mats to provide more protection from grime. To learn all of this and more, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or order your floors mats today!