Roll Bars & Cages

Roll Bars & Cages

Roll Bars & Cages

If you're the type of Mustang enthusiast that is always auto crossing, road racing, and drag racing then chances are most race tracks and sanctioning bodies will require the use of a roll cage or roll bar. Adding a roll bar or cage to your 2015-2022 Mustang is not only a way to add safety and peace of mind. But also a way to reduce chassis flex and stiffen up the chassis when you're at the edge of the limit of what your Mustang is capable of.

For decades Mustang enthusiasts have enjoyed racing at their favorite race tracks. But ensuring your safety has been the number one priority for most enthusiasts. A roll bar is a safety device that is designed for added strength to your Mustangs chassis. It will protect you in the event of a rollover. Most roll bars come equipped with the ability to mount your race harness to them. You will find that most racing sanction bodies such as SCCA, NMRA, and NHRA will require the use of a roll cage or bar to participate if your car exceeds a certain MPH.

Roll bars and cages come in a variety of options for enthusiasts to choose from. The difference among Mustang roll bars is where the mounting points are they can be either bolted-in or welded in place to the chassis.

Among roll bars, there are two types:

  1. 4-Point: Which is mounted to the floor pan in two locations and then again at the trunk pan or rear quarter panels in another 2 locations.
  2. 6-Point: It is typically mounted four times on the floor pan. This would be at the forward aft section near the doors (these are called door bars) and then mounted behind the front seats. The final two mounting points will then by the trunk pan or rear quarter panels in another 2 locations.

Be sure to pay close attention to each roll bar specification so that it is applicable to your intended use. This way you will feel much more safe, secure, and worry-free when you are going full send at the track.