Mustang Parts & Accessories

On April 17, 1964, the very fabric of American automotive culture would change forever. For years, Ford made tremendous strides to innovate a small, sexy, and muscular car that would capture every American's hearts and minds. To capitalize on this opportunity, Ford executive Lee Iacocca gathered up his brilliant design team, including legendary automotive designer Gale Halderman. Together through hard work and perseverance, a concept was born that would change the very landscape of automotive design as we know it. From this, the Ford Mustang was born, conceived out of rebellion, the Mustang started a segment of pony cars for all others to follow. And Ford Mustang performance parts and accessories came about to follow suit!

Since then, the Mustang has evolved throughout each of its six generations, pushing the boundaries of engineering, performance, and technology. Each generation has offered something unique to every enthusiast throughout the marketplace. Steeda was established in 1988 with a mindset of a no-compromise approach to support enthusiasts reaching new boundaries in Mustang parts and accessories, including chassis, handling, and styling, to aid in the pursuit of ultimate performance. Generations of Mustangs later, we have become the industry leader in pushing the limits of what is capable of America's favorite pony car. If you are ready to get your pony to the next level of style and performance, give one of our performance specialists a call today, to help you achieve your Mustang dreams!

When enthusiasts hear "Mustang," there are a few words that come to mind; fast, fun, and freedom; each trait represents the very fabric of what our favorite muscle car represents. Conceived on April 17, 1964, the Mustang was the first pony car ever to hit the automotive marketplace. It began a segment that would change the landscape of American automotive culture forever! Known today as the father of the Mustang, Lee Iacocca brought his wit, smarts, and skills to help legendary designer Gale Halderman come up with a design that would revolutionize the automotive industry. With their combined efforts along with the engineering team at Ford, they came up with a two-door, rear-wheel drive, front-engine sports coupe that was something never seen before amongst the American public.

Unfortunately, at first, the Mustang didn't have the muscle to go with its bold design and ingenuity. At one point journalists had called the Mustang a perfect secretaries car, Ford didn't like that very much. Luckily, Ford was able to call upon Carroll Shelby to turn the Mustang from mule to racehorse. Using his vast experience as a racecar driver, builder, and designer, Shelby was able to take the 1965 Mustang Fastback and turn it into the ultimate track weapon, what is known as the Shelby GT350/GT350R. Since then, the Mustang has never looked back and has been a symbol of American automotive performance and freedom. With six fantastic generations of Mustang, it is no wonder why it changed the landscape of automotive culture.

To further the success of the Mustang, Steeda was established over 30 years ago to aid enthusiasts in creating a more visceral experience at every corner. Through our relentless pursuit of a no-compromise approach in creating the very best suspension, exterior styling, brakes, and engine performance, we pushed ourselves to become the industry leader in Mustang performance part and accessories for all 1979- present models. During this time, we have proven ourselves through countless racing championships, engineering accolades, and providing the very best customer service. To this day, we strive to continue the incredible legacy of the Mustang. If you're ready to make your Mustang goals happen or need more information, call one of our performance specialists to learn more about our line of Mustang auto parts and accessories today!