Brake Kits

Brake Kits

Brake Kits

You can have all the power in the world but if you don't have a proper set of brakes to control that power, you don't truly have a well-rounded performance vehicle. Whether your Mustang is designed to run the 1/4 mile or designed to take on the road course; you'll need to have a proper set of performance disc brakes to bring all that American muscle to a quick and efficient halt. Luckily for you, there's an incredible number of performance brake kits to increase braking performance available from the Mustang experts at Steeda.

There are two basic types of brakes that are equipped on Mustangs; drum and discs. Drums brakes utilize a set of shoes that push into the inside of a rotating drum that is attached to the wheel of a vehicle. Disc brakes utilize a set of calipers that clamp down on a disc that rotates along with the wheel of your vehicle. Disc brakes far outperform drum brakes in every conceivable metric but they were not standard kit on Mustangs until 1993. In fact, early Mustangs were sold with only drum brakes at all 4 corners with a front disc brake option coming several years later as an option!

Even if you own a Mustang that was offered with disc brakes as standard equipment (1993 and up) why won't the stock brakes cut it? Well, quite frankly the stock brakes on most older Mustangs just simply aren't designed for repeated, hardcore usage, and braking technology has made leaps and bounds since Fox bodys roamed the streets. You'll quickly learn that the stock brakes on older Mustangs get overwhelmed very easily and succumb to a disconcerting situation known as brake fade. Once brake fade sets in, you will see greatly increased stopping distances and a possible failure of the entire braking system. Yikes!

Luckily the Mustang experts at Steeda stock a huge selection of brake kits from brands like Baer, Stoptech, Ford Performance, Brembo, Wilwood, and our very own Steeda Engineered kits as well. These brake kits increase the size of your vehicle's brake rotors, thus increasing the friction surface available for stopping power. On top of the additional size, most upgraded brake kits employ high-strength metals or composites and are also designed with integrated venting to bleed off the heat under pressure. To complement these larger rotors, brand new, multi-piston calipers are also part of the package, as well as high-performance brake pads and upgraded brake lines. The more exotic the materials, and the more pistons the system has; the higher the capability.

Steeda's Front Brake Kits for S197 Mustangs deserves specific praise because they are the only kit that is designed to bolt directly onto your Mustang, while still retaining your vehicle's ABS system. This is a huge safety differentiator and just part of the reason why Steeda engineered kits are among the best in the business.

No matter what your budget or needs, Steeda has a big brake kit for your Mustang!