The Fusion has been a highly capable performance sedan for years, since the creation of the Fusion Sport, but the 2013 and newer models all offered serious performance for their price. With improved suspension, many different EcoBoost options, and a full sport model, the Fusion moved from the family sedan world to the sport sedan market and was poised to compete against the likes of the 3 series, S-line, and even lower-level AMG models. To ensure they were competitive, Ford brought out all the stops with the Fusion and made it tunable too.

The EcoBoost has proved to be easy to tune and upgrade to handle massive power, and with proper supporting mods they can keep pace with much faster cars than they have any right to. With upgrades like larger intercoolers, blow-off valves, and more, you can make your Fusion EcoBoost can perform much better than the factory setup is capable of, and when paired with other upgrades like tunes, exhaust, and suspension, you can make your Fusion into a serious track-day-ready sport sedan. With proper upgrades, these cars can outperform more expensive cars with ease when done properly.

Here at Steeda, we have been upgrading and modifying Ford's performance vehicles for over 35 years and in that time we have seen what upgrades truly perform on the track and the street. The upgrades available for the EcoBoost Fusion have been proven to work perfectly in both settings and in most between the two. We have seen how these upgrades perform on the drag strip and on the street and know how well they can work as proper performance vehicles. We have used these parts on our personal vehicles and know that you will enjoy them on yours.

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