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When it came out in 2005, the S197 Ford Mustang set the car world on fire. Bucking the trend of the New Edge Mustang, the completely redesigned 2005 model went in a decidedly retro direction that would go on to define Mustang design to this very day. The exterior was not the only part of the 2005 Mustang redesign to get the retro treatment. Inside, Ford designers and engineers created an interior that incorporated elements from the original 1964 Mustang, as well as folding in new technology that would give future Mustang models in this generation something solid to build upon.

Although the 2005 to 2010 Mustangs had a retro-inspired interior that was leaps and bounds above the SN95 it replaced, there was still many things that were built to a cost and designed to meet the needs of every consumer. For those that love to modify, some of these things simply won't do! For those who love to drive, the interior is one of the most important components of their Mustang. From seats that hold you in place, to gauges that give you crucial information at a glance; the interior of your Mustang can be a driver's paradise.

The Mustang experts at Steeda have you covered with a variety of Mustang interior accessories and upgrades that help you turn your S197 into the perfect vehicle for attacking the road course or blasting down the drag strip! Whether it's a set of upgraded seats to replace the original factory seats which lacked sufficient lateral support or a new shift knob to compliment your brand new short-throw shifter; there's an incredible selection of interior upgrades available at Steeda.

If you're building an ultimate performance Mustang, you're going to need a proper set of gauges to monitor everything from oil pressure to boost pressure. Steeda makes it easy to add in a set of gauges or upgrade your existing gauge pods to provide the crucial information you'll need while at the track. Have floor mats that are all beat up and worn out? When's the last time you checked that cabin air filter? Beyond looks and performance, Steeda offers up items that are specifically designed for the riggers of daily usage.

We don't just sell parts and accessories; we are true automotive enthusiasts, and we only sell components that we truly believe will meet the discerning needs of Mustang fans around the world. Every single thing we sell is backed up by the men and women of Steeda and meets our strict requirements. Give your 2005 - 2010 Mustang the interior it deserves and start your build with Steeda today!