When it comes to the F-150, the looks are only half of the road presence. Trucks like the F-150 are known for their power and capability and making sure that yours sounds the part. With many great engine options for the trucks to use, you can make your truck sound unique and stand out as much as you want it to. The options for building the best exhaust for you and your truck are nearly endless with full kits available as well as piecing them together through different parts to build your own kit.

At Steeda, we carry two different types of exhaust for these trucks - full cat-back exhausts and mid-pipe upgrades and resonator deletes. These two are easy ways to bring up the volume as well as horsepower in some cases. With a new cat-back exhaust from companies like AWE and MBRP, as well as mid-pipes from AWE and QTP and more, you can completely change the sound of your truck and the flow of its exhaust. Fully finished, you can make your exhaust unique to your truck and create a seriously cool custom kit that will add performance and style to your truck.

Here at Steeda, we have been upgrading and modifying Ford vehicles for over 35 years and in that time we have seen very quickly how much modifying your exhaust can change your driving experience. We have used these parts on our personal trucks to ensure that we like them enough to provide them for your enjoyment. With an exhaust like this, you can be sure that your truck will have more road presence than ever before. We know you'll enjoy this exhaust on your truck since we do so ourselves.

Few trucks have made an impact as major as the Ford F-150 Raptor, and even fewer have managed to continue redefining an entire market as the Raptor has too. The F-150 Raptor single-handedly brought the high-performance off-road truck back to the US, and has been a sales success since then. As one of the meanest trucks on the market, you want it to sound as mean as it looks, and that is incredibly easy to do with an aftermarket exhaust! With a variety of different exhaust setups including midpipes, cat-back exhausts, and more, you can guarantee your Raptor will stand out even more!

When modifying your F-150 Raptor, you are not pressed for exhaust options. With an enthusiast market vehicle, the truck comes already set up well for performance and even has a beefy exhaust note. Between the first and second generations of the truck, the switch to a twin-turbo V6 from the massive V8 pushed some people away, but the new truck is much more capable and powerful which has helped it grow an even larger aftermarket community. With the V6, the aftermarket community opened up and developed tons of exhaust upgrades and tuning too.

Here at Steeda, we have over 30 years of experience racing and modifying Ford vehicles. We know that one of the most important upgrades for many enthusiasts is the exhaust since it is a relatively easy and cheap way to get a power increase for their vehicles, so we make it a point to offer various options to customers when modifying their cars. We carry some of the most recognizable brands to ensure quality, as well as running these parts on our own vehicles because we do not carry any products that we ourselves do not use or trust fully.

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