Side-Exit Exhaust

Side-Exit Exhaust

Side-Exit Exhaust

What could possibly be better than a fire-breathing engine screaming right outside your window?

When you're a gear head or a muscle car freak, you live for the sound of a V-8. At Steeda, we're all a little bit crazy for that extra bit of sound and style so we're proud to offer a finely curated selection of Mustang side exit exhaust systems for your ride. If you're looking for the ultimate in sound and stunning good looks, then we have you covered with our awesome selection of Mustang Side Exit Exhaust systems.

If you think that side exit systems are a new thing, you'd be wrong. These systems have their root in motorsports and were designed to be tucked away off the side so that racing teams could get the maximum amount of aerodynamic force at the rear of the vehicle. Today, side exit systems have become a popular way to provide an extra dose of style and an extra shot of sound that happens to exit right behind the cabin windows. That's right, you get to hear your engine shrieking right over your shoulder - just like a race car!

Many of the Mustang side exit exhaust systems Steeda offers come with a set of paintable side skirts right along with the kit. Clean flowing lines with a set of shiny exhaust tips coming right out from the side of your Mustang? How cool is that!? Not only do these systems look amazing but they sound absolutely incredible and are tuned to provide a ripping sound while on the throttle without droning at highway speeds.

Beyond amazing looks and sounds, Steeda's selection of exhaust systems also provides anywhere from 10-15 additional horsepower! These high-flow, low restriction systems allow your engine to properly breathe in a way that a factory system simply never could. You'll also notice additional throttle response when upgrading your exhaust to one of our side exit systems.

Steeda carries a fantastic selection of side exit systems from side exit experts like Cervini's and our very own Steeda Autosport system as well. We don't offer just anything for sale at Steeda, we have to love these products and want to put them on our own rides. Trust us when we say, a side exit system on your Mustang will always turn heads!