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Decklid Panels

Decklid Panels

Throughout Mustang's history, the design language has helped make it the bold American icon it is known today throughout the country and the world. Design cues such as the long hood, short rear decklid, broad rear haunches, wide stance, fastback profile, and signature tri-bar tail lamps have helped make it synonymous among American automotive enthusiasts. Throughout the Mustang design language, one-piece, in particular, stands out when looking at it from the rear, is the decklid panel.

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Since the Mustang's inception in the mid-1960s, one design feature has been prominent in its 56-year history. The rear decklid has been one of the most notable features among the Mustang design language, including the long hood, fastback profile, short rear decklid, and tri-bar tail lamps. If you look at the 1965 Mustang GT Fastback from the rear, an enthusiast is going to be looking at three prominent things, including the tail lamps, exhaust tips, and broad rear haunches; it will be the trunk decklid panel that would house the gas cap. Throughout the years of the Mustang, this has been a very prominent feature that helps distinguish the Mustang.

Fast Forward to the mid-2000s, the Mustang made its triumphant comeback in retro design and functionality, unlike the predecessors of the SN95 and New Edge. The S197 had styling that could be directly related to the original 1960s Mustang down to the smallest details from every angle. Most importantly, it was the first time the Mustang had a real decklid panel that resembled the Fastback Mustang from 1965-1973. Like Mustang's models, the 2005-2014 S197 Mustang featured a faux gas cap and tri-bar tail lamps to accentuate the design classic American icon.

Over the years, many enthusiasts have made their decklid panel a signature styling cue by deleting the faux gas cap in the S197 & S550 Mustang. While on the other hand, I have kept it classic and stayed true to Lee Iacocca's vision of timeless American design and class. Pushing forward to today's modern world, the S550 Mustang has helped every Mustang enthusiast get his or her taste just right. It very much includes the decklid panel, from everything from carbon fiber, gloss back, and more Steeda has something for you.

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