Jacking Rails

Jacking Rails

Jacking Rails

As most Mustang enthusiasts go, working on your pony is a rite of passage to making it one of a kind amongst the herd. One area that can come up as an issue for many amongst the enthusiast's community is always getting your floor jack to the right spot on the pinch weld properly. Each time there can still be a risk of damaging your pinch weld or floor pan while jacking up your beautiful Mustang. Each of these very reasons is why Steeda developed the industry-first jacking rail for all Mustang models long ago. These innovative but straightforward jacking rails give enthusiasts a more secure feeling when working on their Mustang using jack stands and a floor jack.

We offer two different varieties of jacking rails to fit your needs; the first kind is full-length of the entire underbody of the pinch weld with a low profile design to allow the jacking rails to blend right in with your Mustang. Our other kind is full-length but only cover from pinch weld to pinch weld right from underneath the door. It will give you quick access to use a floor jack or jack stands if you're at the track or working in your home driveway.

To learn more about Steeda's complete lineup of jacking rails for your Mustang, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or order yours today!

Chances are if you're the type of Mustang enthusiast who lives and breathes to build their stallion to the fullest, you are continually jacking up your Mustang but always worried that you could damage the undercarriage or pinch weld. Luckily, Steeda was the first to develop an innovative and cost-effective solution to fix this issue in our jacking rails. These are specially designed and engineered to fit right on the pinch weld undeath the side skirt to give you quick access to jack up your Mustang at a moment's notice, without the worry of damaging your unibody construction.

Steeda offers two varieties of jacking rails to fit each owner's needs, including our shallow profile, which allows you to get a sleek appearance while maintaining complete functionality, especially for those enthusiasts who have their Mustang slammed to the ground. While on the other hand, we have an entire rocker jacking rail that goes from wheel to wheel arch near the rocker panel for complete access for floor jacks and jack stands. This makes ease of use for any job underneath your pony at a moment's notice.

If you're interested in learning more about our lineup of jacking rails, contact one of our Steeda performance specialists for more information or to order yours today!