Of all the Mustang generations that have rolled down the road over the last 50+ years, no single generation was produced longer or has such a dedicated cult following as the 1979 - 1993 fox body Mustang. Yes, the fox body was in production for a staggering 15 production years and it rolled out perhaps the most famous of numbers in Mustang lore: 5.0. The 1979 - 1993 Ford Mustang spanned multiple generations of muscle car fans who were looking for a high-performance vehicle that was stylish and could be upgraded into a drag racing or road racing monster. Even today, fox bodies are still sought after as project cars, first cars, and hobby projects for those of us that love this American icon.

When building out the perfect 1979 - 1993 Mustang, you may be concerned about the engine, the suspension, and the brakes. What about that interior? Yes, the 1979 - 1993 Mustang had an interior that was sporty and purposeful for the time but advancements in engineering and materials have long surpassed the original stock that was available to Ford. You can have the fastest, best-looking fox body at the track but unless that interior is up to snuff, you won't even be taken seriously. It's time to bring your fox body Mustang into the modern age and the Mustang experts at Steeda are ready to help.

No matter what part you need for your interior on your 1979 - 1993 Mustang, Steeda has what you need. One of the most commonly overlooked parts in the fox body interior are the seats and Steeda has an impressive collection of seats and seat accessories that are designed to provide good looks and hold you firmly in place during spirited driving. How about a shifter knob or set of new pedals to update the monotone interior? We even carry a variety of gauges and gauge pods to provide the crucial data you need at a moment's notice and also look darn good doing it.

We're don't just sell parts and accessories, we have gasoline in our blood and we love our cars just as much as you do. Our strict standards ensure that the parts your purchase from us exceed your expectations and perform admirably for years to come. At Steeda, we only carry the absolute best brands like Ford Performance, Corbeau, Autometer, and our very own Steeda products as well.

We know that your fox body is your pride and joy. You want to go fast and you want to look good doing it but remember, you need to spend time behind the wheel and your interior should be a comfortable and functional place to take care of business.

So don't neglect your 1979 - 1993 Mustang Interior! Let the Mustang experts at Steeda get exactly what you need to set your Mustang interior apart from the rest.