Mustang Suspension Packages & Kits

Steeda suspension packages are custom tailored to deliver the optimal balance of ride and handling you desire. Each kit includes no more than the needed parts to improve performance in incremental levels, saving you money and frustration when building your Mustang, while still allowing for future upgrades.

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Steedas S550 Mustang IRS subframe bushing support system for your Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6 will give the rear end a solid feel with no increase in NVH at all. The bushings eliminate rear subframe movement .A stiffened subframe allows the car to incre
Steeda's easy to install S550 Ford Mustang "Stop the Hop Starter Kit" eliminates wheel hop, squares the subframe to the chassis, & will not increase NVH. Kit includes American made chromoly subframe support braces, CNC machined aluminum bushing support sy
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