Light Bars

Light Bars

Light Bars

Within the last thirty years, the Mustang has become the most modified vehicle globally and a renowned sports car on the planet. One of the most significant variations throughout this time is the Mustang convertible. Since the early days of the original Mustang, enthusiasts have come to know of fast, fun, and freedom through the convertible variant of America's favorite pony car. Thanks to companies like Steeda and other aftermarket companies, they have given convertible Mustang's tasteful modifications, including Light Bars.

It's a simple but tasteful modification to a convertible mustang, and aids in helping a few areas including styling, functionality, and safety. Unlike the fastback or coupe Mustang models, the convertible is built differently in chassis, rigidity, and function. Light Bars add a sense of style, safety due to the integrated brake, and giving a sense of race-inspired design.

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If you're part of the Mustang community, chances are you have become accustomed to modifying your pony car at a moment's notice. Unlike the fastback or coupe Mustang models, convertible owners can have a hard time picking out the right modifications. One of the most common mods that a convertible Mustang enthusiast will choose is a light bar; now you might be thinking "light bar," it is a component that goes over where the B pillar would be in a fastback or coupe mustang. It stretches from side to side, giving a convertible Mustang a more aggressive look when the top is down while offering more safety with integrated brake light.

This straightforward yet useful modification aids Mustang owners in getting the race styling they desire, added safety, and functionality. While the Mustang fastback is built on a very rigid chassis, the convertible is built differently due to the roof being gone. Engineers at Ford had to reinforce the chassis' underworkings to give the pony car the same quality as the fastback.

If you would like to learn more about Mustang light bars, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or to order your light bar today!