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Clutch Kits

Clutch Kits

If you're a Mustang enthusiast, or any car enthusiast for that matter, then you know the joy of rowing your gears. There's simply nothing better than nailing the perfect launch and shifting right at the peak of the engine's powerband or properly heel-toeing your way through your favorite windy road. Although the manual transmission is a dying art form in the automotive world, the Mustang has and will continue to offer a manual transmission option in the foreseeable future. One of the most important components of a proper manual transmission is a clutch that combines durability for high horsepower applications, ease of engagement, and a lightweight flywheel for optimum engine control.

From the very beginning, Ford designed the clutch on the Mustang to be up to the task of handling the ample power that Mustangs put out but they were always built to a cost. While this may not necessarily be true of the latest super high-performance Mustangs, which use a combination of exotic, engineered materials, most Mustang clutches could definitely use a performance upgrade.

In general, there are two types of clutches found on performance cars; single plate and multiple plate designs. Single plate designs are lower in cost while still offering ample power handling ability but they do have limitations and that's where twin plate clutches come into play. Since there is not one but two friction surfaces, these high-performance units can effectively spread out the power load and handle upwards of 1000 horsepower. Upgraded clutches also bring lighter flywheels for quicker revving and more durable materials like friction-resistant ceramics.

If you're like us, you know that factory power is just a starting point and more power is always better! Since your clutch is the connection point between your gearbox and your engine, having a clutch that can handle the additional power of modifications is crucial to not only your driving experience but also to the long term durability of your clutch. For example, if you're running a stock, single plate clutch on your Fox body and decide to bolt on a supercharger, that stock clutch is going to give up the ghost pretty quickly.

We know that an upgraded clutch is a crucial component of any Mustang build. Be it a straight line drag monster or a road-course attacking beast; the Mustang experts at Steeda have you covered with the best clutch kits from brands like Ford Performance, Exedy, McLeod, and RAM Clutches. Our clutch kits are available in a wide variety of budgets and styles so that every enthusiast can find exactly what they need.

Whether you're looking for a Ford Performance upgrade for the 10.5" clutch in your Fox body or a twin-plate monster that can handle up to 1000 hp in your S197; Steeda has the clutch you need. We even carry a variety of bolts, clutch forks, and pivot studs so you can get the job done right.