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The Bronco is the most off-road capable vehicle in Ford's lineup in years, and has gotten attention for its boxy and rugged good looks. As one of the vehicles that are currently very popular to upgrade, upgrading the wheels is an absolute must-do. Whether for off-road use and needing the wheels to be tougher or for showing off when cruising down the street, upgrading the wheels on your Bronco is a great and stylish way of modifying its appearance and improving performance at the same time.

The Bronco comes from the factory with wheels that are ready to be pushed hard through tough terrain like thick mud and large boulders. Fitted with an optional 37-inch all-terrain tire in the Sasquatch package, the wheels come bead-lock-capable and can easily be upgraded to a fully functional bead-lock setup. However, those who want to put entirely new wheels on their Bronco can turn their trucks into custom unique creations of their own. For this reason, we carry aftermarket wheels and accessories to help you with your build as it progresses.

Here at Steeda, we take our over 30 years of experience modifying, tuning, customizing, and racing Ford vehicles, and with our experiences, we have seen what parts are best when upgrading vehicles for hard use. We know that the parts we have for the Bronco are high quality and durable under the most grueling use. These parts have been tested to ensure their quality is up to our standards so we can be sure you will love them on your vehicle for years to come.

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