Hood Struts & Trunk Struts

Hood Struts & Trunk Struts

Hood Struts & Trunk Struts

If you're a Mustang owner, chances are that you have become very familiar with the prop rod that comes standard on any Mustang model from Fox Body to the current generation S550. For many years, this has frustrated Mustang enthusiasts because of the old technology that Ford is still implementing into the American icon. Other manufacturers have put in hood struts to help enthusiasts while they're working on their ride or posting up at their favorite car show. Since this trend of assisting enthusiasts in fixing this issue, Steeda has been the advocate for all Mustang enthusiasts to chance this narrative.

For several years, we have offered both hood struts that give the modern appearance and usage not to use a prop rod. We have recently introduced a system that allows the trunk to automatically pop on your S550 by just clicking the trunk button on your key fob. It only adds a sense of functionality and efficiency to each owner.

To learn more about our hood & trunk struts, and how they can help modernize your Mustang, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or order today!

Are you tired of using your outdated and old prop rod on your Mustang, whether you're at the track, favorite car show, or just while working on your pony? If yes, then Steeda has the proper solutions to fix this generation old problem in your Mustang. For many years we have provided many options for enthusiasts including hood struts that allow for each enthusiast to have an ease of use not to use their prop rod and use a more functional modern approach to hold up your hood. Prop rods are ancient technology, and most manufacturers are using hood struts to bring up the hat when unlatched automatically.

Furthermore, we offer a unique system for your trunk called our "trunk pop kit," this system allows for hydraulic struts to be used so that it will lift your trunk lid on the fly of pushing your trunk release button. It is beneficial for when you have groceries, your hands full of car parts, or other items from functionality and ergonomically standpoint. Steeda offers to variation of our Trunk Pop Kit in the form of one that can handle a smaller lip spoiler and the other that will be able to hold up pedestal spoilers and race wings.

So if you're ready to bring your Fox Body to S550 Mustang trunk and hood assembly to the twenty-first century, contact on of our performance specialists today for more information or to order yours today!