Engine Bay Dress-Up

Engine Bay Dress-Up

Engine Bay Dress-Up

Let's be honest here; the engine of any Mustang is a thing of beauty. From the 5.0 in the fox body to the screaming 5.0 Coyote introduced in the S197; Mustang engines have always been a thing of pure beauty to those that appreciate beautiful engineering and aural thrills. From the factory, engines are designed for durability, ease of maintenance and of course ample power. Valuable development dollars are spent on mechanical excellence and not on the engines visual appearance.

Since true beauty lies beneath the surface, that's exactly where the most enthusiastic Mustang owners put their own personal mark on their favorite muscle cars. Hardcore owners love dressing up their engines with beautifully created components that take the functionality of factory pieces and dial them up to another level of clean.

In fact, any hardcore gear head knows that you can have the most beautiful, show ready Mustang at the local car show but if that engine bay is messy, you're only halfway to Mustang glory. Your engine deserves just as much love as the outside of your car and if you want to prop up your hood with authority, it's time to start thinking about upgrading your engine bay.

Steeda carries a huge selection of engine bay dress up parts for all years of Mustang! We carry top brands like Moroso, Ford Performance and of course, our own line of incredible Steeda brand parts as well.

The sheer variety of parts you can snag for your pony car is staggering. From Battery covers and fuse box covers made from aluminum to Billet oil caps, aluminum idler pulleys and unique engine covers; these components give your engine bay that extra something special it needs to really stand out.

There's no time like right now to give your Mustangs engine bay the attention it deserves!