Every since the Mustang was conceived, aftermarket suspension companies have been working to create suspension components that will aid in the pursuit of better handling and overall ride quality. It is especially true within the last thirty years as companies like Steeda have been injecting ingenuity, design, and engineering into creating the very best in Coilover systems for all Mustang models. A Coilover is a replacement for a shock and strut, which in that it combines both. Unlike a shock and strut, a Coilover allows for complete adjustment in ride height, shock dampening, and camber adjustment for better tracking alignment.

For most enthusiasts, this helps give them more versatility versus a static shock and strut assembly even if it is with a lowering spring and upgraded shock. Coilovers are everything that a shock and strut and more, say you're at the track, and you need to adjust ride height due to track conditions. You can do this with an adjustment collar wrench; you wouldn't be able to do this with a shock and strut. Besides all of these practical uses like giving your pony the slammed stance, it deserves inspiring racecar-like looks with great style.

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In the world of Mustang performance, enthusiasts will modify three key areas: engine performance, suspension, and exhaust. These areas are all that help bing the Mustang together in becoming one of the most visceral driving experiences on Earth. Steeda has been the leader for over thirty years to aid enthusiasts in getting the most out of their Mustang in horsepower and torque, but most notably suspension. We have done this by engineering the highest quality and most innovative Coilover system in the industry. Using decades of experience in racing on the road course, we have implemented this into our Coilovers to give the best vehicle dynamics possible. Each Coilover is engineered to withstand the harshest punishment possible.

While still maintaining excellent ride quality, we integrate the best shock absorber technology on the market to give enthusiasts an excellent on-road ride quality with all the adjustability while out on the track. Unlike a shock and strut assembly, a Coilover allows the ability to adjust ride height on the fly by just using a spanner wrench. It is instrumental whether you're on track going full send, on the street ripping up a canyon road, or just posted up at your favorite car meet.

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