When it comes to family sedans, the Fusion has always been one of the more performance-oriented and upgrade-friendly options on the market. While adding power to these cars is easy, another way to completely change the Ford Fusion's performance is through suspension upgrades. Adjusting and upgrading the suspension on your Fusion or Fusion Sport is a great way of improving your car's ride quality as well as making your car handle more nimble than ever before. With the upgraded suspension, you can bring your Fusion and Fusion Sport to a new level of handling that will outperform much more expensive vehicles easily.

The Fusion comes from the factory with a fairly normal suspension set up outside of the Fusion Sport model, but both cars could use further improvement to truly be the best handling family sedans in the midsize market. With parts ranging from the Steeda Strut Tower Brace through shocks and springs and more, the options when it comes to modifying your Fusion's suspension give you room to choose exactly what you want with your car. With parts from major brands, you can help your Fusion drive more comfortably while also improving handling in case it is ever needed in any situation.

Here at Steeda, we have been working on Ford vehicles for over 30 years, modifying and upgrading them to perform better on the track than anyone else. When it comes to the Fusion and Fusion Sport, we took an aggressive approach to build suspension parts for people to turn their family cars into full performance vehicles such as with the Fusion. We have tested these parts and products to ensure their quality and their performance, and you can be sure that these will improve your car's performance and overall usability of the car.

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