When it comes to the small SUV market, one vehicle has been making itself known as a force for the masses. The Ford Escape has been a major sales success since its debut, and every year since it has been improving even further. The Escape has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of owners through its durability, usability, and overall ease of use. As one of the most reliable family vehicles on the market, the Escape has consistently been a winning combination of family hauler, weekend traveler, and even a trailer for people's important belongings like small boats and cars for special events.

Since 2001, Ford has been building one of the most durable small SUVs in the world and the results are obvious. The newest generation of Escape has made a name for itself with bold styling, powerful engine options, and easy-to-use interior, and in this generation Steeda is excited to develop and customize your vehicle more than you ever could before. With the aggressive styling of the new 2020+ Escape, the turbocharged engine, and the solid handling inherent in the current Escape, now is the best time to begin modifying your vehicle with Steeda parts.

The Escape started out as a simple small SUV with some off-road ability and charmingly basic plastics inside and out. The mini-SUV quickly rose in popularity and became a staple of the American roadway as well as a recognizable feature of modern life. By 2009, the Escape had gone through a few transformations, starting to modernize into the vehicle we know today. As it began moving away from the boxy styling and moving towards the aggressively styled SUV it is today, the introduction of turbo engines as opposed to the V6 that had been offered, tuning possibilities began to open to a market that had never used it before. This 3rd generation Escape was the first major leap toward modernizing the vehicle, and as a result, the vehicle's new appearance followed through on the interior.

Now in the 4th generation, the Escape is more powerful and more tunable than ever before. With the most aerodynamic design yet, the fourth generation Escape features a much rounder design and up to 250 horsepower from factory. This motor has been proven to handle power well, and could very easily be modified up well past that figure. With Steeda, you know you can trust our experience and expertise to properly get your Escape into something truly special, just like you've wanted it to be. Your Escape can go from family vehicle to show-stopper with our parts, and will be able to perform better than ever before too. With proper upgrades, your 2020-2023 Escape will be one sweet ride that will fit in just as well at an autocross event or light off-roading as at the supermarket or driving to work.

Steeda has been the go-to for Ford upgrades for over 30 years after our major success on the track with Mustangs, and with the Escape we are not holding back at all. With body work, tuning, wheels, exhaust, and more, we are ready to help you turn your Escape into the most performance-oriented or stylish Ford small SUV available for anyone. We offer enough Escape parts to truly stand out from the crowd while elevating your vehicle in every other way possible. With cold air intakes, tuning, exhausts, wheels, and more, Steeda is your go-to shop for upgrading your 2020+ Escape's performance and aesthetic upgrades to levels you had never imagined before.

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