For most Mustang enthusiasts, three specific areas are most important: engine performance, exhaust note, and overall driving experience. Out of these three, the exhaust note helps both the overall driving experience and engine performance. These combined make for an experience unlike any other among muscle and sports cars on the planet. Within the Mustang community, the enthusiast will research for hours to get the perfect exhaust tone coming out of their all-American pony. Throughout the exhaust system, there are three main components; headers, mid-pipe, and axle-back mufflers. The most important of these three characteristics, the mid-pipe is the most significant in terms of sound due to how the exhaust gasses flow.

X-Pipes are the most popular of mid-pipes to there aggressive growl, aid for making high horsepower, and output the classic American muscle sound that every enthusiast desires. Unlike H-Pipes, X-Pipes will be for the enthusiast seeking all outperformance while getting a throatier exhaust note; in a lot of cases, it can be a higher-pitched depending on your muffler setup and if you have long tube headers. While on the other hand, an H-Pipe develops a much deeper tone, which resembles the original glory days of hot rodding and 60s era muscle cars. At Steeda, we provide a wide selection of X-Pipes to fit your needs to accomplish your exhaust goals.

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No matter where you go, the sound of a Mustang is probably the most synonymous sound throughout the automotive industry. Since the Mustang inception, the formula has always been a big throaty V8 under the hood. For many generations of Mustang, this has been the recipe to accomplish performance, style, and the most significant driving experience. One key component that has helped this pony furious is an X-Pipe; these critical components of the exhaust system help drive and develop the sounds that come from a Mustang's legendary engine. While driving enthusiasts want to hear the sounds of freedom being projected through there favorite canyon road while the exhaust note bounces off the canyon walls.

To help enthusiasts accomplish more exceptional performance, exhaust note, and overall driving experience, Steeda provides the most extensive selection of X-Pipes to dial in the perfect exhaust flavor for your liking. While the exhaust gases pass through the X-Pipe, they channel back pressure and velocity to create a specific tone that can only be described as pure bliss. It will also depend on what type of axle-back muffler you have on your pony as well. X-Pipes have a much better potential for creating higher horsepower and torque throughout the RPM band while creating a sound unlike any other out there.

If you're ready to take your Mustang driving experience, performance, and exhaust note to an entirely new level, contact one of Steeda's performance specialists for more information or order your X-Pipe today!