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Short Throw Shifters

Short Throw Shifters

Short Throw Shifters

Throughout Mustang and performance car history, the one component that stands out besides wheels, powertrain, and styling has been the shifter. Like the steering wheel, the shifter is the piece that allows enthusiasts to become one with their iconic pony car. Since our beginnings in 1988, Steeda has been engineering, designing, and manufacturing the industry's highest quality short-throw shifters. Our proprietary design allows us to get the perfect feeling and engagement for both street and race applications. There is nothing like having the confidence to row gears or hone your skills in driving your pony; why not do it with better feeling and engagement.

Our Tri-Ax Short-Throw Shifter is made for direct installation to your S550 Mustang for immediate replacement with both a street and race version. The street is designed for the enthusiast who wants a better natural engagement feeling when they are on their favorite backcountry road. While on the other hand, we have everything you need for the all-out racer; our race shifter is designed to quickly transition between gear possible to enable extreme confidence while enhancing transmission reliability. Regardless if it's giving more confidence while shifting, getting rid of the sloppy feeling from stock, or improving your transmission capability, we have what you need to meet your shifting needs.

One single characteristic that the Mustang has brought over its rival is instilling the mentality of fast, fun, and freedom since its inception in 1964. While the driving experience is one of the most significant variables to the Mustang, getting connected through it is what makes the Mustang so unique. To this day, the manual transmission is still a staple among all Mustang models. It is why Steeda has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing short-throw shifters since our beginning in 1988.

We ensure each of our S550 Mustang Tri-Ax short-throw shifters is built with the highest attention detail possible. Each one is designed with billet aluminum components to enhance shifter throws by thirty percent better while putting forth more reliable pieces. Altogether, it will improve your driving experience in your S550 pony tenfold. Whether you want more engagement to enhance your driving feel on your favorite twisty backroad or need more precise shiting to create better lap time, rest assured that Steeda has everything to complete your S550 Mustang shifter needs for whatever your goals are.

If you would like to learn more about all our S550 Mustang shifter options, contact one of the performance specialists for more information or order your shifter today!