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Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires

Among the most important redesigns of any Mustang was the SN95 Mustang that hit the streets in 1994. After a staggering 15 year run and thousands of adoring fans, the traditional Fox Body Mustangs run was coming to an end and being replaced by a brand new design; the SN195. This new Mustang would go about modernizing the fox body platform in everything from the suspension design and interior to a brand new overhead-cam V8 (1996). This would also be the generation that birthed the infamous Cobra model that started to cement the Mustang as a world-class sports car and not just a drag strip queen.

If you're looking to build out the ultimate 1994 - 1998 Mustang, the Mustang experts at Steeda stock a huge selection of the best parts and accessories. One of the first places you should start when building out your Mustang is where the rubber meets the road. That's right! We're talking about wheels and tires. A lightweight set of wheels and a proper set of performance tires are an essential building block when constructing the ultimate Mustang. The Mustang fanatics at Steeda are ready to help with an incredible selection of wheels and tires from the best brands.

We all love some nostalgia but let's be honest here, those rims from the '90s, just don't cut in today's world. You'll never be able to really set up your Mustang as your own creation unless you customize it with a set of wheels like those from Steeda. Not only does a new set of wheels look amazing, but they give you the proper clearance to run gear like big brake kits and they provide a great platform for a new set of performance tires.

Now that your SN95 looks awesome on those clean wheels, it's time to get a proper set of performance tires to match that mean new look. Whether you're looking for a set of drag radials or a set of performance street tires; Steeda has the best tires from some of the best brands in the world like Nitto and Mickey Thompson. Upgrading your tires will not only provide you better grip but will also provide you better road feel as well.

Bring your 1994 - 1999 into the modern era with a set of new wheels and tires from Mustang experts at Steeda!