Control Arms

Control Arms

Control Arms

For nearly sixty years, the Mustang has become a world-renowned sports and muscle car that has won countless road racing, drag racing, and autocross championships. Due to the ingenious engineering and innovation, it has come full circle to handle and compete with any high-end sports that the European and Japanese markets. A key component to this success is the fantastic strides vehicle dynamic engineers have made in the OEM market and aftermarket to allow the Mustang to have better grip, tighter corner entry, and overall handling.

For more than thirty years, Steeda has answered the call to aiding Mustang enthusiasts in choosing the right control arms to support wheel hop, body roll, and stiffening overall handling while either at the track or on a favorite mountain road. We are always on the initiative to create better control arms that will aid front and rear Mustang suspension to give enthusiasts more confidence at any corner. From static to adjustable, we have the right options for your Mustang to take it to the next level of handling and performance.

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One of the best things a Mustang enthusiast can do is take their racehorse out to their favorite backroad to carve up the road on a Saturday morning. It has been a tradition for Mustang faithful for over half a century. Within the last decade, the Mustang has become more sophisticated and dynamic than ever before. Through the last half of the S197 generation, Ford had taken the live axle to greater heights than had ever been achieved previously. Unfortunately, Ford could only go so far as to what they could put into the factory-built ponies. Luckily, companies like Steeda have come in to aid enthusiasts in solving ride quality, handling, and wheel-hop.

Steeda has been at the forefront of creating lower control arms that are either static or adjustable to fit all different applications. Whether it is road racing, auto crossing, or drag racing, we have what you need to make sure all your horsepower gets to the ground efficiently. Each control arm is purposely built to withstand the harshest punishment while being manufactured and constructed in the USA at our Valdosta, Georgia facility.

If you'd like to learn more about how Steeda control arms can help your Mustang, contact one of our performance specialist for more information or order yours today!