Hood Accessories

Hood Accessories

Hood Accessories

Throughout the long and storied history of the Mustang, one of the most significant design cues has always been the long hood that speaks power and confidence. The bulge from the Mustang hood has always said, "I have the horsepower, and I am ready to run." Since the early years of Mustang performance, OEM and aftermarket manufacturers have produced multiple hood accessories to be functional yet give enthusiasts a more race-inspired feel. Steeda has been offering various components such as hood vents, hood struts, hood pins, and styling upgrades to provide the Mustang community the edge when at your local car show or racetrack.

While upgrading your hood to a ram air or functional hood is excellent, they can get pretty pricy depending on if they're carbon fiber or fiberglass. Adding hood vents to your existing hood will allow you to extract unwanted heat from the engine bay when going full throttle at your favorite track or back road.

If you would like to learn more about how Steeda can help accessorize your Mustang hood, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or order your parts today!

Many attributes have made the Mustang so legendary throughout the last 55 plus years of the American icon. One of them is the hood that holds the crown jewel of any pony on the street or track, which is the engine. Within recent years, the Mustang has gained so many advantages through modern innovation and technology. Using technology that has helped past and current stallions, hood vents have been a critical factor in aiding style and performance. Furthermore, crucial accessories like hood struts, hood pins, and hood latches allow all enthusiasts to enhance functionality, safety, and practicality.

Suppose enthusiasts have the means upgrade to an aftermarket carbon fiber hood that can offer ram air, hood vents, etc. Unfortunately, these options can be costly, depending on the year of your pony. Steeda is proud to have been offering hood accessory options for over thirty years to give all enthusiasts options no matter what their purpose is.

To learn more about Steeda hood accessories, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or order your parts today!