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There are few cars with more significance than the S197 Ford Mustang that made its debut in 2005. Ford had been struggling with a languishing legacy and was looking to reinvigorate not only the entire brand but the Mustang name as well. The result was a muscle that would spearhead an entire generation of vehicles that took their own designs in a decidedly "retro" direction. There's no denying it, the S197 Mustang was a game-changer and owners still seek out this generation for its affordability and ability to customize with ease.

Wheel sizes and designs in this generation were unique for the time and included a dash of retro charm but they were heavy and limited in size to 18", which simply won't cut it for those that are building a true performance machine. In order to maximize handling feel, it's best to reduce the unsprung weight at the wheels and a set of lightweight wheels can accomplish this with ease. You'll also want to consider maximizing the wheel size to maximize your contact patch and also to clear big brake kits that are common on high-performance machines.

The Mustang experts at Steeda are ready to help those looking for that extra edge by offering an incredible selection of custom wheels from some of the top brands in the industry: Steeda, Velgen, CDC, Classic Design Concepts, JMS, Ace Alloy, HRE, Concept One, Apex, Ford Performance, Foose, MRR, Race Star, and many more. Whether you own a GT or you're creating a unique budget performance machine from the iron-block 4.0L V6; adding in a set of wheels from Steeda is the perfect place to start your performance build.

We carry a huge variety of sizes to meet every budget and performance need, no matter what trim of the 2005-2010 Ford Mustang you own. Our selection of sizes includes 1/2-20 lug nut specific 17, 18" , 19" , 20" wheels with a 5x114.3 bolt pattern.

Let Steeda help give your Mustang the look it deserves!