Side Scoops

Side Scoops

Side Scoops

When it comes to the Mustang, it is all about styling, power, and performance while still retaining functionality. During the mid-1960s, the Mustang was starting to just come into its own, especially when Carroll Shelby came into the picture. Shelby was the critical factor in helping the Mustang get the race-inspired styling, sophistication, and performance. One of his most prominent key design features were side scoops; these were initially designed to direct airflow to the rear brakes via brakes ducts. Over time they have become a synonymous feature that enthusiasts can relate and refer to as nothing but a Mustang.

Side scoops have always been a design key feature in the original 1960s era Mustang, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500. Moving through Mustang history, you can see side scoops throughout various trim levels or models to give the Mustang aggressive race-inspired styling. Unfortunately, side scoops have become more of just styling throughout the years than a functional piece used to cool the rear brakes. Steeda offers a wide selection of side scoops to give you the best offering of the original Shelby styling for your Mustang.

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In the Mustang world, a few things are certain; style, design, performance, and functionality. These characteristics couldn't be more accurate than side scoops. This simple but yet practical design element was a key attribute when Carroll Shelby got his hands on the American pony car. He intended to design side scoops on the quarter panel before the rear wheels to be functional to help cool the brakes. These would essentially act as a brake duct under harsh braking while at the race track. Over the years, this initial design philosophy has been moved as more of added design to element to give the Mustang a race-inspired design.

For many years, Steeda has been helping Mustang owners choose the right side scoops to accentuate America's favorite pony car's body lines and design. Unfortunately, Shelby's original conception of it is functional. Throughout Mustang history, this has been one of the most significant design elements, and it continues to this day on the S550 Mustang.

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