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When modifying your Ford F-150, setting it up on the proper set of wheels can make a massive difference in how your truck is perceived as well as affecting how it actually performs on and off road. Wheels can change the weight of the truck dramatically, either cutting extra weight or by adding more in order to keep it stable while driving. By adding new wheels to your Ford truck, you can easily go from stock to rugged and dramatically increase your road presence. Whether you are looking for full wheels, TPMS sensors, lug nuts, off-road ready beadlock, drag wheels, or just about everything else, you can find it for your F-150 here at Steeda.

Ford has been notoriously good with the styling on their wheels, especially on the F-150 line from the factory, but changing up the looks always generates a different reaction based on the new styling. Aftermarket wheels that we offer help to bring out the rugged and tougher side of your truck with multiple styles and colors available. These wheels are solid enough for serious off-road use and reserved enough to be driven on every day in and around town. A perfect addition to any truck, these wheels fit perfectly to your F-150, whether stock height, slightly lowered, or lifted and will help you make your truck more unique than ever before!

Here at Steeda, we have been developing high-performance parts for Ford products for over 30 years. In that time, we were able to hone in on the best ways to increase performance and style at the same time. We have upgraded versions of the trucks advertised, and as a result can vouch for the appearance and quality of these wheels once on them. Anything that we sell to our customers has been proven to work in the harshest settings they would face, and as a result we can vouch for their durability as well as their performance.

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