1994-1998 Mustang

1994-1998 Mustang

1994-1998 Mustang

Our 1994-1998 Ford Mustang parts selection is carefully curated. We aim not only to maintain but to enhance the distinctive roar and power of your vehicle. This is your vehicle, so we want to help you shape it to meet or exceed your standards with great SN95 parts.

Find the perfect balance of beauty and power today.

Our 1994-1998 Ford Mustang parts make it easy to improve your clutch components, maintain the air filter, and take more steps to make your Mustang soar every time you fire up the engine.

In terms of Mustang generations, there hasn't been a pony that has caused controversy more than the SN95 from 1994-1998. Building off the success of the Fox Body Mustang from 1979-1993, which happened to be the longest-running generation of stallion to come out of the stable. Using similar chassis components from the Fox Body, the SN95 was a complete reset button in terms of performance, styling, and sophistication. Unlike the past two generations of Mustangs, their styling was very boxed and minimalistic. In 1994, Ford knew they had to spice up the design to keep the Mustang going. With the legendary first-generation SVT Cobra being a complete success to the enthusiast's community, Ford had everything needed to push the legendary pony into the next level of performance.

Coinciding with this was Steeda's fantastic success with the Fox Body Mustang. Due to our founding in 1988 and experience from there on, we moved forward to help engineer better performance parts, which would help the SN95 climb to greater heights than any of its predecessors. We were able to come up with innovative solutions to help owners and enthusiasts alike through our history of competition in racing and proprietary engineering. In turn, we can offer a plethora of options, including lowering springs, coil-overs, camshafts, intake manifolds, upgraded brakes, short-throw shifters, and more of which will aid enthusiasts in creating a sinister SN95 Mustang that can compete with any competition.

During the 1990s, Ford was at a significant crossroads for its most popular vehicle in company history. For the last thirteen years, enthusiasts have enjoyed the Fox Body's revolution across the entire pony lineup; whether you have an LX, GT, or notchback, all of them fit a particular purpose. Moving into 1994, the Mustang received a completely revised design from the Fox Body counterpart. Unlike the square and boxy design from the last generation, the SN95 introduced a new perspective for the Mustang community in terms of performance, design, and sophistication. Taking lessons learned from the 1993 SVT Cobra & Cobra R, they took this to make the SN95 the most prolific in Mustang history. Combining the performance with an utterly sophisticated new design that inspires curves, broad haunches, bulging hood, and wide stance.

Using lessons learned from our experience with the Fox Body Mustang, Steeda continued to push forward on the boundaries of performance for the original pony which started it all for all others to follow. Building on the promise of giving enthusiasts the most potential of achieving the notion of fast, fun, and freedom in anything they plan to do with their pony. By designing and engineering specific parts to enhance the SN95's potential in terms of suspension, powertrain, lowering springs, exhaust, short-throw shifters, intake manifold, and cold air intakes. All of these combined will allow any SN95 Mustang owner to accomplish anything, whether you want to have a great weekend warrior for your favorite back road, race track, or autocross. Steeda has everything you will need to get your pony to the next level of power and performance.

To learn more about how Steeda can help you take your SN95 Mustang to new heights, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or to order!