Our coolant accessories perform exceptionally; they also feature a sleek design that adds a touch of sophistication under the hood. Don’t settle for stock cooling systems that can't keep up. Choose our 2015–2023 Mustang cooling systems to find the upgrades you deserve. Our cutting-edge products guarantee that your ride stays cool, calm, and collected so you can focus on enjoying the drive. Browse the thermostats, water pump kits, and other 2015–2023 Mustang cooling parts at Steeda to customize your ride now.

In the world of high performance, racing, and the Mustang community, horsepower has always been one of the main priorities to achieve. Whether you're the type of enthusiast seeking to build an all-out racehorse or looking for more security for your Mustang engine, ensuring proper cooling for your application is vital. No matter what your end goal for your machine is, making sure you have the correct cooling components can mean the difference between reliable horsepower and detonation in your engine block. Luckily, Steeda has worked to perfect the S550 Mustang cooling system to ensure the lowest engine temps possible even when going full throttle on the track or your favorite back road.

To do this, we have leaned on our engineering and product development teams to offer a wide array of cooling products, including stainless steel coolant expansion tanks, upper and lower radiator hoses, intercoolers, coolant, aluminum radiators, and thermostats. These will ensure your pony's engine will run at a cool 170 degrees, even with the hottest temps out there. Rest assured, we have you covered for all your needs even if you make a whopping thousand horsepower to the ground!

As Mustang enthusiasts go, there are a few areas on which they are focused on, including horsepower, torque, style, and looks. Each of these adds up to help their pony stand out amongst the herd of S550 Mustangs out there. While making tons of power is fantastic and a lot of fun, ensuring you have the proper cooling is vital to making reliable horsepower on tap. Whether your Mustang is supercharged, turbocharged, or naturally aspirated, giving your pony's heart the hydration it needs to put all the American muscle down to the ground is half the battle. This very philosophy is something Steeda has implemented since our founding in 1988.

While making loads of horsepower and torque is fabulous, doing it without the proper components such as an aluminum radiator, upgraded thermostat, larger expansion tank, upper and lower radiator hoses, and intercoolers for your supercharged as well as turbocharged applications. All of these will ensure the proper cooling when it counts the most at full throttle or even your daily driving in high heat temperatures. Rest assured that when you're going full, send Steeda will have your back for every S550 Mustang cooling products to give you a sense of security.

To learn more about all of Steeda's S550 Mustang cooling products, contact one of the performance specialists for more information or to order your parts today!