2024 Mustang Dress-Up

Critics and aficionados agreed that Ford nailed the design of the S650 Mustang. This well-thought-out combination of nostalgia and sophistication helped retain the relevance of this revered vehicle—a meaningful action during seismic shifts in the auto industry. Designers gave the 2024 Mustang a dominating grille that adds to its sinister looks but retained the signature tri-bar tail lights. Even casual observers can tell this is a Mustang, coming or going. And like more recent generations, the S650 has go-fast looks even when it's not in gear. Yet, no matter how the 2024 Mustang looks while sitting still, there are still ways to dial up its appearance, making this Ford more unique. That's why we offer a wide selection of 2024 Mustang dress-up parts to enhance the appearance of your ride.

We call this “Mustang Dress-Up,” an effective way to personalize an S650 Mustang. Don't worry; we'll leave vehicle wraps and custom paint jobs for someone else. Instead, we're talking about no-brainer add-ons that don't require technical know-how or big bucks. Start with light lens tints that are simple to apply and give your car a sinister appearance. It's a no-worry upgrade because tints are easily removed when it's time for a new look. The same can be said for graphics kits that can be added to the body or quarter windows. For those who feel that the factory S650 isn't expressive enough, a host of affordable emblems can serve as extra reminders by adding GT or 5.0 badges.

At Steeda, our Mustang appearance upgrades, from taillight lenses to decals, are made with high-quality materials so that you can feel pride in your vehicle every time you look at it.

If rear subframe movement is causing problems, consider the Steeda bushing support system that lessens movement. This CNC-machined upgrade provides a more solid feel and is a proven method of improving rear traction and minimizing wheel hop. As great as the 2024 Mustang is, its factory specs aren't always suitable for competing (and winning). This is why Steeda offers a lightweight front K-member for the S650. These components rely on factory mounting locations for easy installation and come in road-race or drag versions.

Your 2024 Mustang dress-up time is only limited by your imagination. But if you need inspiration, contact a Steeds specialist for ideas—or order today.