1994-1998 Mustang Air Ride Suspension Kits

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Be ready for anything with Air Lift suspension! Have incredible handling on track, a comfortable ride home, and stance your car at a show. Air Lift suspension gives your Mustang versatility and allows you to easily and quickly change your suspension. Control your suspension from inside and outside your car and have your car feeling exactly how your want.
Pick up a complete Air Lift suspension kit from Steeda and give your Mustang superior handling and versatility. Built with high quality materials and thoroughly tested in a lab and on-track.
Air Lift Performance has a kit that will give your SN95 incredible versatility and performance. Give your car stance at shows and a comfortable ride around town then take it to the track and feel their outstanding performance. Be ready for anything with Air Lift Performance on your Mustang!
Raise your car when on the road and lower it on the track or at a show, all with the push of a button! Adjust height and stiffness of your suspension easily allowing you to change the way you car handles quickly.