1999-2004 Mustang

1999-2004 Mustang

1999-2004 Mustang

Don’t settle for less than excellence when you’re behind the wheel of your Mustang. Among our 1999-2004 Ford Mustang parts, we carry materials that take your vehicle's performance to a new level.

At the turn of millennia, Ford started a revolution to push the boundaries of performance, design, and sophistication, and turn the legendary Mustang's corner. In 1999, Ford had quite the overhaul of its previous SN95 generation from 1994-1998. Turning into a more modern design than the SN95, the New Edge was unveiled with an even more edgy design that displayed a sportier appearance than before. During the turn of the century, Mustang engineers understood that they stayed relevant in the muscle car market. Also, with the Mustang turning thirty-five years strong, Ford used their magic by cranking up the horsepower and torque on the new modular 4.6L 2V V8 pushing out 260 horsepower and 302 lb/ft of torque at the flywheel.

Unlike the SN95 for the 1994 and 1995 model years, it didn't rely on the pushrod technology found in the legendary 5.0L V8. Instead of keeping the pushrod method, Ford moved to modular technology, which used a timing chain and overhead camshafts to rotate the valves. This engineering proved to be more efficient for fuel mileage and horsepower as a whole. Furthermore, the New Edge helped the Mustang push engine technology to a whole new level with these two vicious beasts in the 2000 Cobra R and the "Terminator" 2003-2004 Cobra. These two are why some say the Camaro went out of production for their tremendous engineering accomplishments and performance levels! To this day, the New Edge pony is still fabled all around the Mustang community as it was in its heyday.

Heading into the twenty-first century, Mustang engineers were at a crossroads to keep evolving the original pony car since 1964. Developing off the successes of the SN95, the New Edge pushed even further to what a Mustang could be in terms of style, design, performance, and sophistication. With the integration of new engine technology in modular engines, the New Edge Mustang captured modernization at its finest. Pushing out the dated pushrod technology in place of the overhead camshaft design helped the original pony car push the boundaries on what is possible for form and function.

Since the turn of the century, Steeda has understood what it takes to make the New Edge so prolific amongst its competitors. Through countless years of ingenuity and relentless engineering, engine bolt-ons and exhaust systems throughout the Mustang aftermarket provide the very best suspension. To this very day, we still offer and aid every 1999-2004 in creating the fast, fun, and free experience that every Mustang owner deserves in their pony. Whether you're looking to have a great weekend canyon carver or an all-out track-ready racehorse, Steeda has what you need to accomplish your goals!

From sway bars to tires, we have a vast selection of ’99-’04 Mustang parts you can use to fine-tune your driving experience. Our parts are built to last, giving you an unmatched ride every time. Learn more about Steeda’s 1999-2004 Ford Mustang parts right now. You can always contact one of our performance specialists for more information before you choose!