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Supercharger Kits

Supercharger Kits

Supercharger Kits

With the revelations of modern technology, innovation, and performance, the Mustang has become the envy within the pony car segment, even among its sports car rival from Europe and Japan. Throughout Mustang history, the supercharger has been a prevalent figure to aiding enthusiasts to create immense amounts of horsepower by merely adding a supercharger to their engine. Thanks to Ford's ingenious inception of the now legendary 5.0L 32V Ti-VCT "Coyote" engine, the Mustang community has never been able to make power so quickly due to the incredible engineering Ford did to build the legendary motor. While the Coyote started in 2011, that didn't stop Ford from building upon landmark engineering. In the 2015-2023 Mustang models, Ford debuted the Gen II in 2015 and then the Gen III in 2018.

Pushing the boundaries on what the Mustang can become is how it has made such a mark on the automotive community, industry, and world. Companies like Vortech, Whipple, Paxton, ProCharger, and Magneson have all helped enthusiasts pick up vast amounts of power by adding a supercharger to their ponies engine. From twin-screw, centrifugal, and roots style superchargers, each will enhance their 2015-2023 Mustang to new heights they never dreamed of having. Helping gain over two-hundred horsepower depending on the supercharger pulley, boost level, and supporting modifications. Some S550 Mustangs have seen well over 1,000 horsepower when combined with the correct gearing, long-tube-header, axle-back exhaust, and custom tuning. Making for an unbelievable racehorse that needs no introduction and will be able to compete among any competition.

Horsepower and speed have always been the epicenter of every Mustang since 1964. Since then, every enthusiast has pushed the boundaries of what they can achieve through engine modifications' aftermarket support. One improvement has been more apparent to all others in the supercharger; it has been used throughout automotive history since the early 1900s to push more air and fuel into the combustion chamber to output more power. There are three different types of superchargers out there, including centrifugal, twin-screw, and roots style. All will deliver imminently or forced inducted power into your Mustang engine. Thanks to the ingenious Ford engineering of the 5.0L Coyote, the S550 Mustang has achieved what no other modern pony has accomplished. With an innovative combination of power, handling, and technology, the 2015-2023 Mustang set the new gold standard for all pony cars to follow.

With the Gen II & III Coyote engines in full force, companies like Vortech, Whipple, Paxton, and ProCharger have helped enthusiasts make more than 200-300 more horsepower depending on supporting modifications. These support mods can include cold air intake, long-tube headers, proper rear gearing, smaller supercharger pulley, custom tuning, and axle-back exhaust, all of which are the keys to creating an unbeatable racehorse which the like few have seen. No matter if you're looking to get more power to enjoy on the weekends cruising around your favorite backcountry road or are in the process of building a 10-second beast at the 1320, Steeda has the right supercharger you need to get the job and goal done.

To learn more about Steeda's supercharger options for your S550 Mustang, contact one of our performance specialists today for more information or order your supercharger kit today!