Tail Light & Reverse

Tail Light & Reverse

Tail Light & Reverse

Every great vehicle has its own set of defining styling features that instill it among the absolute greats of automotive history. Whether it be the tail fins on the 1959 Cadillac, Rolls Royce's grill and hood ornament, or the Gullwing doors from the Mercedes-Benz SL; these features define and separate the greats. The Mustang is absolutely no exception and possesses one of the most iconic styling elements on any car, ever produced; the tri-bar taillights as first seen on the 1964 Mustang. Since the introduction of the Mustang, the tri-bar taillights have become synonymous with the quintessential muscle car look and feel that the designers at Ford carefully curated at the beginning of the muscle car era.

Subsequent generations of Mustang have seen the tri-bar taillights disappear, re-appear, and basically everything in between. For starters, the second generation of Mustang kept the 3 lamp theme but offered a flatter, more static appearance than the original. 1979 saw the introduction of the Fox body Mustang and a complete departure from the tri-bar layout made popular in the previous generations. Ford designers claim this was an attempt to distance the Fox from the Mustang II that was, let's just say, less than loved. To our eyes, the tri-bar design is present on the Fox body Mustangs too but it is simply arranged in a completely different way.

The tri-bar design would finally come back on the 1994 model (although arranged in a different orientation) and would finally return to its rightful orientation in 1996. This design theme would continue up until 2005, when the SN95 was replaced by the SN197 Mustang. The 2005 Mustang represented a complete departure from the SN95 based generations and took the design all the way back to 1964. The SN197 utilized an incredibly gracious interpretation of the tr-bar taillights and thoroughly mixed old school cool with modern technology. This look still endures today and is central to the throwback cool of the modern Mustang.

Although the iconic tri-bar tail light looks awesome from the factory, that doesn't mean the Mustang experts at Steeda can't help you dial the look up even more! From brands like Morimoto, Drake and Diode to stock assemblies from PDI; when you're ready to make the jump Steeda carries a huge selection Mustang tail light assemblies.

If you're looking for even more style and a mega cool factor, Steeda also offers sequential light upgrade kits that turn the taillights of your Mustang into a huge statement piece. That's right! You can get one of the coolest features on newer Mustangs and high end European rides in your Mustang! We also stock a huge selection of LED upgrade kits to give your lights that extra pop that they deserve while also adding in a bit of extra safety.

For maximum styling impact for the dollar, you don't get much better than upgrading your Mustang tail light assembly and the experts at Steeda have exactly what you need to get the job done right.