Upgrade your vehicle's handling, stability, and overall performance with our extensive selection of 2015–2023 Ford Mustang chassis parts.

From jacking rails to roll bars and everything in between, our hardware will allow you to achieve the perfect balance between street and track driving. Your S550 chassis deserves high-quality upgrades that will make the most of its performance abilities.

Adding immense amounts of horsepower and torque is terrific to any S550 Mustang. Every muscle car, including the latest pony to the stable, has its limits within its chassis; the way to solve this is easier than it sounds. By adding a host of chassis rigidity performance parts in the form of a Roll Cage, Strut Tower Brace, Subframe Connectors, and K-Member, you will give your S550 Mustang the rigidity it needs. When launching it at the drag strip or throwing it into a hairpin corner on the road course, you will have the security and peace of mind of increased chassis strength.

Especially when it comes to drag racing, you don't want the chassis to flex under tremendous torque and weight transfer from front to rear. The better chassis rigidity you have, the better sixty-foot times you have got off the starting line. Furthermore, it will help your S550 Mustang reduce understeer and oversteer in a sweeping or a tight apex corner for road racing. So be sure Steeda has you covered for all your S550 Mustang chassis needs!

When the S550 Mustang debuted in 2015, it took the entire automotive world by storm with its new design harkening back to the late 60s era pony. As years went on and enthusiasts put their spin on the newest pony, companies like Steeda realized that the factory chassis has its limits like Mustang generations of the past. We are all too familiar with it and set a course to correct it quickly. Starting with our 2015 Mustang, we realized if we could stiffen up the chassis in areas like the K-Member, Strut Tower Bracing, IRS Subframe Connectors, and Roll Cage, we saw a significant reduction in terms of chassis flexing and an increase in overall chassis strength.

So if you have plans to build either a weekend canyon warrior, an all-out drag stallion, or a nimble road course Mustang any of these chassis rigidity items will aid your S550 Mustang tremendously. You will see reduced flexing, added stiffness, and the confidence to go full send when it counts most. If you would like to learn more about all of Steeda's chassis rigidity products, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or to order your parts today!