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Steeda is celebrating over 30 years..

Of uninterrupted operation since 1988 and is fully committed to Ford Motor Company, its employees, and the purchasers of Ford vehicles. Our goal and commitment is simple - provide the very best in high performance vehicles, parts and accessories in the marketplace today.

Originally founded in 1988..

Dario Orlando chose to apply his extensive background in engineering and racecar development experience to the task of elevating Ford Performance Vehicles to levels of un-paralleled performance. Because of many years of success, with the help of our loyal customers, Steeda has evolved into the world-class operation it is today. With several locations around the country, Steeda is committed to designing, engineering, manufacturing and providing order fulfillment operations that are fully ISO 9001-2008 certified. Steeda offers the largest complete line of Ford-based parts and accessories in the world today and is considered the largest privately owned Ford-performance-based operation in the world.

Sold through a growing international network of independent performance dealers and certified Ford dealerships, Steeda Performance Vehicles and our comprehensive track-tested/race proven parts and accessories are your guarantee of quality and performance of unequalled proportion.

Over the past 30 years..

Steedas production-based equipped vehicles have won more championships, set more track records, and won more races than all of our competitors (Shelby, Saleen, and Roush) combined! Everyone at Steeda takes racing and high performance very seriously as it is our core DNA, primary focus and motivation for continued success/commitment to our customers. Steeda is committed to providing customers with the best customer service and highest quality parts available on the market - whether you are looking for performance parts, accessories, vehicle modifications or track-capable vehicles, we whole-heartedly stand behind our products.

Steeda Where Speed Matters!

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