Short Throw Shifters

Short Throw Shifters

Short Throw Shifters

For over fifty-five years, Mustang enthusiasts have been enjoying the notion of fast, fun, and freedom thanks to the legendary automotive innovators like Lee Iacocca and Carroll Shelby. In American automotive, they were the first to bring an ability to help man and machine connect as one. Since the height of the original muscle car era in the 1960s, many enthusiasts have been figuring out ways on how to feel more connected to their Mustang.

Within the last twenty years, Mustang manual transmissions have been engineered to be more precise and rigid thanks to engineers at Ford. Unfortunately, most modern shifters in a manual transmission are designed to be economical, efficient, and sublime for the average driver. Steeda doesn't think this way; for over thirty years, we have been innovating the very best all-American made short-throw shifters systems in our Tri-Ax shifters to give the enthusiast community a better connection on or off track. To better their driving skills, engagement, and the overall feeling, we ensure that our shifters are meticulously crafted to give you the best shifter engagement possible while maintaining OEM drivability.

Whether you're an all-out racer or an individual who loves to attack your favorite mountain road, we have the right Mustang short-throw shifter for your build! To learn more about Steeda Tri-Ax shifters, contact one of our performance specialists today or order your short-throw shifter today!

As most Mustang enthusiasts go, it is a never-ending battle to become closer to America's favorite pony car. For many years, the Mustang has helped enthusiasts come closer to the edge of automotive performance and give the pleasure of rowing gears to provide a connection and experience unlike any other. The visceral experience of having a systematic relationship between you and your Mustang is unlike any other within the automotive community.

Since Steeda's infancy in 1988, we have been pushing the very boundaries on what is capable of performance short-throw shifter technology. To aid in helping racers and enthusiasts alike experience the full potential of their Mustang. Through our relentless pursuit of engineering and designing to make the very best Ford Mustang short-throw shifters on the market today, we can give enthusiasts an over thirty percent reduction in shifter throws over the stock unit. Our short-throw shifters will provide you with cleaner shifting and more confidence.

It will allow your manual transmission to perform longer due to more rigid precision-crafted parts within the shifter assembly. Whether you just wanted a much cleaner shift or need to feel more confident at your favorite autocross or road course to turn a better lap, we have the shifter you need to get the job done right! To learn more about our Tri-Ax short-throw shifter systems, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or to order your shifter parts today!