2024 Ford Mustang Exhaust

Push the start button on a 2024 Ford Mustang, and the turbo-four or Coyote V8 growls to life. But for some, the factory exhaust setup is too tame. Yes, Ford offers the Active Valve Performance Exhaust, but this may not be enough. Or, you've already got a 2024 Mustang without this factory upgrade. However, there's little to worry about if your focus is in this area.

The sound of a powerful engine is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a Mustang. Our store offers a variety of 2024 Ford Mustang exhaust parts to give your vehicle a more powerful sound.

New exhaust parts will also boost your Mustang’s performance on the road. Steeda has already gotten to work confirming what exhaust improvements are ready for the S650. Choose a resonator delete for your Mustang EcoBoost for better exhaust below and a sportier exhaust note. The benefits include a faster spooling turbo, reduced back pressure, and improved engine response. These same advantages (minus the turbo spooling) apply when adding a resonator delete to the 2024 Mustang GT. You'll get an even more aggressive exhaust sound, telling the world your Ford isn't factory spec.

But that's not all regarding S650 Mustang exhaust kits. Roush offers GT-specific cat-back kits for a deep rumble at idle or something more angry while accelerating. Best of all, these systems don't increase noise significantly in the cabin. Nor is welding required; the factory mounting points work fine. Or choose a Steeda 3-inch cat-back exhaust for a less-abrasive tone and gleaming 304-stainless construction (and better-than-factory corrosion resistance).

Learn about all your 2024 Ford Mustang exhaust upgrade options by contacting a Steeda performance specialist for one-on-one help. Or, order online today to get started on your next S650 project.