Wheel & Tire Combos

Wheel & Tire Combos

Wheel & Tire Combos

When you think about Mustangs, your eyes and your heart are immediately drawn to it's stunning, muscular looks. Beyond the iconic long hood, short rear deck and swept back cockpit; the wheels and tires of the Mustang are one of the first things that you notice and one of the styling elements that has gone on to define our favorite pony car.

Did you know the original Mustang came on diminutive 14" wheels? Yes, that's right, the original Mustang wheels were positively tiny in comparison to the 20" wheels that have become commonplace on modern Mustangs. As the Mustang gained in popularity, stouter and more performance focused wheel and tire sets began to pop up on Mustangs that were increasingly performance focused.

In general, there are two types of clutches found on performance cars; single plate and multiple plate designs. Over the years, Mustangs have had an incredible array of wheel designs and tire options out of the factory. Typically, larger, wider tires were reserved for hotter versions of the Mustang like the GT, SVO, SVT or if you're lucky enough to own one; Shelby GT500 and GT350. Those that owned "lesser" versions of the Mustang were often stuck with smaller, less capable wheel and tire combos that left enthusiasts on a budget wanting a bit more. Luckily, the automotive aftermarket has always been there to pick up where the factory left off.

One of the first things an enthusiast does to create his or her own, personal, ultimate Mustang is upgrade the stock wheels and tires. Short of the most extreme Mustangs on sale today, factory wheel and tire combos can be lacking. Typically, you'll need to shop separately for wheels and tires to create your own package at a wheel/tire retailer since properly mounting a tire on a rim requires specific and specialized equipment. Some enthusiasts shop separately and then bring the wheels and tires into a shop for installation.

Rather than go through this hassle, the Mustang experts at Steeda have made upgrading your wheels and tires with a few clicks of the mouse incredibly easy. We've bundled together our most popular 20" wheels for 2005 + Mustangs and paired them with a selection of the ultimate performance focused tires available on the market today. As performance enthusiasts, we know that looks aren't everything and these awesome looking wheels are shod with your choice of ultra high- performance or all-season tires from brands like Falken and Nitto. In addition, all of our wheelsets easily clear big brake kits and we offer both staggered and non-staggered sets to meet the needs of every enthusiast.

These sets already come with tires mounted and balanced on the rim, so all you have to do is install them with a few basic tools right in your own garage or driveway! Oh, and you save some serious money with these sets!

Ordering your next set of wheels and tires from Steeda is an easy decision.