Over many decades, automotive and Mustang enthusiasts alike have enjoyed turbocharger technology's progression to add horsepower, performance, and boost to their ride. Luckily for S550 Mustang owners, this technology has helped it become complete racehorses in their own right. With the incredible evolution of Ford's infamous 5.0L Coyote V8, the S550 Mustang has been able to set records on the drag strip thanks to companies like Hellion Turbo. They have been able to help drag racers systematically change the landscape for big horsepower and torque throughout the Mustang community.

Unlike a supercharger, a turbo doesn't have to rely on engine power to make horsepower; it uses exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to create forced induction, which turns into boost, resulting in more horsepower for your engine. Turbochargers are much more efficient than superchargers due to the non-reliance on the serpentine belt and the ability to make power on demand at any time through a boost controller. Typically if you are an individual seeking to make significant power upwards of 1,000 horsepower for your S550 Mustang, enthusiasts tend to turn to a turbocharger system for drag racing applications. The downfall is that they can be tough to tune and demand the correct air/fuel ratio. When the tune is perfected, and parameters are correct, be ready to hook and book down the quarter-mile with ease!


Forced induction is one of the many ways Mustang enthusiasts look to push the boundaries of performance in their S550 stallion. Luckily, Ford has pushed the boundaries with the 5.0L Coyote engine's evolution to new heights within the last five years. It has led many enthusiasts to turn to turbochargers to make monstrous horsepower over supercharged variants. Unlike a supercharger, a turbocharger allows enthusiasts to gain immense horsepower without relying on horsepower to produce power. In contrast, a turbocharger system uses exhaust gases from the manifolds, which recycles this to force air back into the engine, which turns to boost, resulting in added horsepower.

One other variable that turbochargers have over superchargers is the S550 Mustang's ability to have a boost controller, which allows you to access the amount of horsepower you want on-demand. On the other hand, supercharger, you are restricted to pulley size and tuning to make the horsepower you desire. The one area that a lot of S550 Mustang owners can come into problems is tuning. Luckily, thanks to companies like Hellion Turbo, they can solve this issue with kits that allow for complete bolt-on installation. If you're the type of enthusiast who loves drag racing or immense power, then a turbo system from Steeda will be right for you.

To learn more about all of Steeda's turbocharger offerings, contact one of our performance specialists to get your S550 Mustang hooking and booking!