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When it comes to the family SUV market, most vehicles look and drive as bland as they come. However, the Explorer has managed to keep its styling and its performance interesting and attention-grabbing since the beginning. With the 2011-2018 body styles, the Explorer kept a unique look and provided an engaging driving experience to its owners. With up to 365 horsepower on tap, these Explorers were much higher performance than many of their competition without any upgrades. However, with upgrades, the Explorer came into its own as a performance SUV for the whole family to enjoy together.

As good as the Explorer is from the factory, tuning it is a simple and quick way to improve the car's performance. With tuning from Steeda, SCT, JMS, and Flowmaster, it is simple to improve your Explorer's performance, whether that means changing the throttle responsiveness or tuning the ECU to perform better than before. Tuning your Explorer with these tuner setups is safe and easy and you'll notice a difference nearly immediately when you accelerate from a stop or while rolling already. These will also not change the appearance of your vehicle unlike some performance upgrades and you can keep your Explorer subtle and smooth.

Here at Steeda we have been developing, upgrading, and racing Ford vehicles for over 30 years and in that time we have gotten to experience the performance market growing faster than ever before for various vehicles from performance cars to family haulers. When it comes to Explorer, we were hands-on with every model from the initial vehicle until the newest on the market. We have used these tuning devices on our personal vehicles before and can vouch for their quality and usability on a daily basis.

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