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Although Ford's smallest offering, they did not mess around when giving the Fiesta attitude. Even the base model offered smiles and surprisingly good handling on the street and the track. The Fiesta worked its way into many people's hearts as a genuinely fun and cheery subcompact that could actually perform well above its weight class. The beefier Fiesta ST offered even higher performance, getting recognized as one of the best modern hot hatchbacks on the market. The ST was able to be modified extensively including a high performance exhaust catalog spanning multiple brands.

The Fiesta ST is high powered as is for a small car, and when upgraded to a performance exhaust can become one step closer to a full performance offering than ever before. These exhaust pipes run from the catalytic converters back, helping improve the exhaust flow and back pressure dramatically to increase horsepower and torque. Brands like COBB, MBRP, and Magnaflow and more are all offered to improve your Ford Fiesta's driving and power to ensure you are happy with your vehicle entirely. Increasing power and torque with these exhausts keeps these cars fun, lightweight, and engaging for years to come.

Here at Steeda, we have taken our 30+ years of racing experience and worked that experience into our products we sell for our customers. We have personally all been able to experience the Fiesta to test its abilities, and knowing their worth we know how much these exhausts manage to improve the car even further than before. We ensure that anything we sell meets our levels and standards for quality and performance, and each of these exhaust options has done so for us. We take pride in making Ford vehicles faster, more aile, and better, and you can rest assured that your Fiesta will receive the same treatment as all other vehicles.

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