Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs

When it comes to Mustang performance, many individuals aspire to think of big horsepower and brute power. Yes, this is true, but, over the years, the Mustang has become known for being one of the best track weapons on the road course and autocross circuit. Putting together the correct suspension is the critical factor when tearing up your local track or putting your Mustang through its paces on a favorite canyon road. Different spring rates and combinations will ultimately determine the ride quality, stance, body roll, and turn-in capability in your Mustang.

Since 1988, Steeda has become the industry leader in developing the highest quality and performing springs throughout the industry to aid Mustang enthusiasts to create a more visceral experience at every corner. We offer a wide selection of springs, including linear, dual-rate, and progressive springs, which will enable any enthusiast to take full potential of what their Mustang is capable of. A dual-rate spring is going to optimize your pony differently than a linear spring, so knowing what you want, the end goal of your Mustang will help you in the long term.

To learn more about Steeda's springs and their capabilities, check out our complete guide on springs; once ready, contact our performance specialists to order today!

As most Mustang enthusiasts know, there is a never-ending battle to improve the overall handling, ride quality, and stance to their Mustang. The Mustang has always been at the forefront of innovation, style, and sophistication from the factory. Within the last twenty years, the Mustang has evolved into one of the most exceptional sports coupes of all time, not just from the United States but all around the globe. Known for its brute strength, fun factor, and presence, the Mustang has brought joy to thousands of enthusiasts through various generations.

To further enhance this experience, companies like Steeda have been pushing the boundaries of what is capable in spring technology to improve further capabilities of what a Mustang is capable of doing. Every single day, our Steeda engineers are hard at work to ensure each of the Mustang faithful can take advantage of more significant vehicle dynamics with our lineup of linear, progressive, and dual-rate springs. Each one of these different types of springs will allow enthusiasts to set up their Mustang to the perfect specifications he or she desires. You will see increased performance characteristics in ride quality, stance, cornering, and overall handling whether you're on track or the street.

To learn more about Steeda spring capabilities, contact one of our performance specialists for more informatio or to order today!