Shocks & Struts

Shocks & Struts

Shocks & Struts

Throughout the Mustang history, enthusiasts have been pushing the envelope on what can be capable of performance, handling, style, and driving experience. Steeda understands these characteristics very well through hard work, engineering, multiple racing championships, and over thirty years of developing performance parts. Especially when it comes to suspension, our shocks and struts are specifically designed for the enthusiasts in mind. Using our no-compromise approach, we make sure that each of our traumas and struts is of the highest quality, fabrication, and components to give you the best performance suspension from the automotive aftermarket.

If you're the type of enthusiast that bases their premises on form and function, we have what is right for you. Whether you're daily driving your pony or building a track monster, we have the suspension for you. A daily driver set up would be a comfortable ride while still gaining the advantages of increased handling while, on the other hand, a full track setup would be our Dual-Rate Springs with our Pro-Active Shocks with multiple adjustments for stiffness. All of the components are American made and are built to the industry's highest standards of manufacturing.

To learn more about Steeda shocks and struts and get your Mustang ready for whatever the road throws at it, contact one of our performance specialists today or to order!

If you're a proud Mustang owner, you understand the philosophy Mustang was founded on in 1964 of Fast, Fun, and Freedom. Since that time, America's favorite pony car has evolved into a world-renowned sports & muscle car. Through many significant individuals such as Lee Iacocca, Carroll Shelby, Gale Halderman, and Ken Miles, they could bring the Mustang from mule to racehorse. Over the years, companies like Steeda have perfected how the Mustang can handle out on the track or equipped on your favorite twisty backroad. Each of our shocks and struts is uniquely tuned, engineered, designed to give every enthusiast maximum capability, especially when at the limits of what a Mustang can do.

Ever since our beginnings in 1988, our team at Steeda focused solely on giving the Mustang all-out performance that enthusiasts want to have in their hands. We take those same components to work them into our lineup of performance shocks and struts through our countless racing accolades and accomplishments. These are tested at the highest levels of harshness and punishment possible to ensure durability and toughness when going full throttle at every turn.

If you would like to learn more about how Steeda shocks and struts can help your Mustang go to the next level of performance, contact one of our performance specialists for more information or order yours today!