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Steeda S550 GT/GT350 Mustang Drag Front K-Member (2015-2022)

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Steeda's 2015+ Mustang Lightweight Drag K-Member sheds nearly 30lbs off OEM. Designed for drag racing and is made from powder coated mandrel bent DOM steel.

Part Number: 555 5060
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Put your 2015+ S550 Mustang on a diet with Steeda's Drag Front K-Member. 

Sheds nearly 30lbs off the nose of your American made muscle car (OE k-member weighs 61 lbs versus the Steeda k-member weighs only 36lbs) this lightweight K-member is made from powder coated mandrel bent DOM steel. 

Strongest K-member in the Market. Boxed and gusseted tension link and lateral link mounts for the ultimate in strength.

Designed for drag race applications Steeda's drag K-Member will provide additional adjustment for roll center correction on lowered cars. It also provides additional clearance for headers and increased oil pan clearance. Also included are the welded tie down loops for trailer towing to the track. 

Retains Factory mounting locations Our K-Member retains all the OEM suspension and steering components, as well as the factory front sway bar mounts. It uses the factory 5.0L & 5.2L engine mounts, though we recommend upgrading to Steeda mounts found HERE.


  • This K-member is designed for off road competition use only and is not covered under any warranty stated or implied whatsoever.
  • This item ships by truck freight; additional charges will apply if shipping to a residential address.

Product Benefits:
  • Designed for drag race applications
  • Weighs only 36lbs, nearly 30lbs lighter than the stock K-Member
  • Bolt-In design does not require any modifications
  • Utilizes all factory mounting locations for strength and rigidity
  • Incorporated tie down loops for easy use when trailering
  • Includes option to retain front swaybar
  • Developed and used on our World Record Setting S550 Mustang
  • Extra clearance for long tube headers and has tabs for Helion Turbo Kits
  • Boxed and gusseted tension link and lateral link mounts for the ultimate in strength making it the strongest S550 K-member on the market!
  • Adjustable roll center and wheel base for better aerodynamics
  • Provision and tabs for Hellion turbo kit

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from, Here today spotlighting our Drag Race K-Member for the S550 GT Mustang as well as the Shelby GT350, GT350R and GT500. At Steeda we have always been firm believers that Weight is the Enemy of Performance. So here comes our lightweight Drag Race K-Member. Now, this is a Hardcore Race Piece. It can be driven on the street but understand this is considered a competition part. Now the lightweight bits, this will save over 27 pounds as a straight swoop to the factory K-Member. So that means you take the factory K-Member out, you put ours in you are saving 27 pounds off the front of the car. This is important because it allows you to add ballast to the other places to the car to balance it out and get your weight distribution exactly the way you want it or to offset the Hellion Twin Turbo Kit you've installed, the Vortex Supercharge KIt you've installed or the Whipple Supercharger Kit you've installed. This will help offset the additional components that are now sitting over those front wheels. Now, even though we specify this as a Hardcore race part, we know that most of you are still driving your cars on the street. In fact, for some of the race classes, you're competing in you have to be able to drive it on the street to make sure the car well, is street driven. So incomes our K-Member and many of its advantages. One of those being that we've retained all of the factory mounting points. This means that when you're driving your car it's not going to feel like a wet noodle. It's not going to feel like it's weaker or compromised. In fact, you'll have a greater sense of confidence because this K-Member is, in fact, stiffer than the factory unit, despite being lighter weight. Going further into the weight savings, if you add a Flaming River Manual Steering Rack you want to save even more weight and despite the fact that we have provisions for the factory swaybar if you're getting to be more dedicated toward drag racing you can remove the front swaybar for even more weight savings. Building on that further, our K-Member is compatible with the factory engine mounts as well as our Steeda adjustable height engine mounts. In since you know you bought a Hardcore Race Product to go racing, we've made some other provisions to this. One of them being the tie-down hooks right upfront. This makes it nice and easy to tie down the front of your car. Whether it's in your trailer, or pull it back from the end of the strip, or around the paddock area to keep the engine nice and cool. Again we were thinking forward for you! And it goes further because again Great is Never Good Enough and Fast is Never well ... Fast Enough, here we go. We've also set it up so that your lateral links have multiple positions for mounting. What this does is it will widen or narrow the track width upfront. This means if you are going for a more aerodynamic tuck or running on an offset wheel to accommodate a skinny tire you can set it up the way you want it. Now we do recommend adding our Bump Steer Kit to this setup to make sure the front end of the car is dialed in. By this point, we're certain you have noticed a couple of things. One of them being this little red button right over here. Go ahead and click that and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and if you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts. Now, we know that you have for sure seen the boxed out sections and gussets that we have added to this K-Member to add strength. As noted this is a Hardcore Race Piece. We are very proud of it, we spent a ton of time developing it. This thing had countless passes on our record-setting Silver Bullit. We wanted to make certain that not only was this a reliable piece, but also one that would benefit you. High-speed stability and the strength in case you stand those front tires off the ground. and we're going to show you some of that! Now we're not the only ones some of the big horsepower guys out there including Lund Racing are utilizing this K-Member for its strength and lack of weight. It also gives you a lot of room, if your running naturally asperated like us and your running long tube headers, plenty of room there. And for those of you running a Supercharger setup with a Front Mount Heat Exchanger or a Hellion Sleeper Kit that runs the turbos right at the back, look at all the room you have to work with. Our K-Member is a direct bolt-on and doesn't require any permanent modifications to the car. We do recommend professional installation! One of the most important things about this, we mention that Great is never Good Enough and Fast is well is never Fast Enough. Well, I tell you what, this is very important to us. We proudly manufacture this in the USA at our Valdosta Georga facility. Because Speed Matters! If you want to learn more about this and many of the great products that we offer for the Mustang and other Ford vehicles. Visit us at Don't forget to follow us on Social Media and most importantly Have a Great Day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: 555-5060-installation-instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Great quality and easy to install. You can install this in your garage with an engine support bar and jack stands. Made installing my hellion sleeper kit a breeze, however you will have to hammer in the tie down loops since they hit the intercooler piping. Other then that the install was smooth.
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