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Steeda S550 GT/GT350 Mustang Road Race Front K-Member (2015-2020)

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Take the lead with the Road Racing K-Member from Steeda! The K-Member helps lighten the front end of the car to provide better weight distribution, as well as improve the overall feel and handling of your S550 Mustang.
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Part Number: 555 5061
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Improve weight distribution and handling with Steeda's Road Race K-Member. Track tested with proven results, the Steeda Road Race K-Member will help to cut down lap times and provide the driver with better feel of their Mustang.

Weight Savings. Weight is the enemy of performance, and weight distribution is critical on performance cars. That's why Steeda has designed the Road Race K-Member to reduce weight and help with weight distribution so that you can corner better and have more control over your S550. 

Adds Rigidity. The Steeda Road-Race K-Member mounts at key points and has bracing to add strength to specific points. All factory mounting points have been utilized for improved strength and the tension and lateral link mounts have been boxed and gusseted.

Factory Mounting Positions. The factory mounting positions are retained to allow for ease of use and to retain compatibility with OE components. The Road-Race K-Member is compatible with OEM steering and suspension and factory sway bar mounts. Factory engine mounts are retained as well but upgrading to Steeda Engine Mounts is recommended. 

  • 20% lighter than the factory K-member.
  • Designed for road race applications.
  • Bolt-in design does not require any modifications.
  • Retains all factory mounting locations.
  • Adjustable front track width.
  • Adjustable front Roll center.
  • Built-in, adjustable G-Trac Brace (for long tube headers).
  • Built-in tie down hooks for easy use when trailering.
  • Magneride sensor hookups to maintain Magneride.
  • Additional bracing in key area’s.
  • Used on our #20 car and Red ’18 HPDE car in testing.
  • Competition proven on our #20 car.
  • This K-member is designed for off road competition use only and is not covered under any warranty stated or implied.
  • This item ships by truck freight; additional charges will apply if shipping to a residential address.
About Steeda: Steeda is a performance and aftermarket part manufacturer and distributor. Steeda was started by racers and is full of individuals that are passionate about cars. Parts that are manufactured go through testing and are actually put through their paces to ensure that customers are receiving a high-quality product that will deliver results. You can see the results of the Road Racing K-Member in Steeda's Palm Beach Classic, Florida Cup video.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

So we're getting ready to go out for our three-hour endurance race here. Watching the weather as you can tell it's pretty wet out but we think it's gonna dry out. For that reason we're running what we called intermediate tire. The Nitto NTO1 which works both in the rain and dry. It's not ideal for both for either conditions but when you have changing conditions like this it's a good tire to use because then you'll have to worry about changing tires and losing time in the pits. Well we were out winning three championships. We were securing the championship! Absolutely we started off winning the Florida Regional Champ. on Saturday morning and treacherous rain. The car ran so well that we lapped the entire field once and won it overall and we were very proud of the car I want to special thanks to our tuning department. We were able to soften up the valving on rebound and take a little bit of rear bar out so she'd hook up coming off the corners, but the car handled great and then that afternoon Glen went on to pilot and when the three our endurance championship, The Tropical Endurance Series. Glen did a great job! We were out front the whole way and we won our class. There again what's really great about this endurance racing is that we're proving our parts over and over again and not only are we proving our components that we build and race, we're constantly tunning and making them better and evolving them and taking them always to the next level. What else do you have, do you have anything to say Glen? It's just remarkable how well the car handled throughout the three hours and never missed a beat. The car was predictable. The tire stayed under it for all three hours which says a lot about the suspension tuning and the shocks and struts the settings that we had. I couldn't ask for a better car for that full three hours. I'm happy to say that this three hour endurance race was our final test for the K-Member the Road Race K-Member and it passed with flying colors so I'm looking forward to getting that rolled out in the production and getting that in the hands of the public. We're also testing some sway bars more on that coming soon I don't want to divulge too much right now. Oh no we got to keep it under gun but we're still fine-tuning on that end and we're getting closer to where we want to be. And you know what I want to add to is on the Front K-Member is that you know that our drag race team out of Valdosta, were working in harmony in conjunction with them and we told them hey this is what we want for the road race version to improve front roll center widen the track, shorten the track. So you have all your eggs in one basket and also we thought we stiffened it up in certain areas to put more control, actually in the control arms and the rear G-Track Bar as well that we added to it and what's really nice is people on the forum oh well we will the original belly pan fit? Absolutely you tie strap it on with heavy-duty tie straps, it's very easily pop on. When it's there and also with the new design it actually allows the underneath of the car to run cooler because there's less interference with big metal plates and the infrastructure of the production K-Member and also it lightens up the front end and we know that weight is the enemy of performance. Absolutely! Well what we did is we softened up or took less control on rebound, okay which is very instrumental in wet weather conditions. So this way we you know we didn't want the car to be real firm we wanted to soften it up and also we softened up the rear bar, and you know basically you know with shock damping and stay bar tuning is what we did you know to make it soften it up, make it more drivable for wet conditions and then of course in dry conditions that setup would have an inherent push you follow me so now we got to change our shock settings and also our stay bar settings for dry conditions. So wet conditions is one set up, dry conditions is another set up and I'll tell you every track is different you know and you might go to that track the same track one day would it if the car is the same I was turning this lap time but now it's slower. Why is it slower? Well it rained the other day, it just rained this morning you know their track conditions always change and the beauty of having this height this very advanced damper system that we have on the vehicle is we can change for the different conditions once we see what the car is doing during practice and qualifying. So suspension tuning is an art believe me! I think the in-car video will say it all you'll see where we're up against some cars with a lot less horsepower than us but yeah we're still putting the power down, no problem getting out of the corners in the rain, which has a lot to say about the suspension tuning when you can put five hundred horsepower down to the ground. Right and I also want to compliment we were on Nitto NTO1 tires which is actually a street tire and they perform flawlessly and kudos to the Nitto team for building such a tire that had consistency all the way through the three-hour endurance race. We knew that and we could depend on Nitto that would take us through the three hours without any tire changes whatsoever and what was incredible is that, you know when you do a three-hour race and you win it, it either proves the theory or it destroys it, like I've said several times. And I am just so happy of the durability of this vehicle, nothing broke and then the following day on Sunday I went out to win the Florida Cup Series Race and I started first overall with a bunch of GT1 cars that qualified behind me because the superiority of the car in the rain and the first race on Saturday put us on the pole but even so after the end of that race we finished third overall within all the supercars of GT1 and GT2 cars and GT3 cars and so that has a lot to say about the tuning of the vehicle and this is with a track that is totally green. You know after it rains for a full day and it's wet the following morning you know the pace you're off three or four seconds a lap because the car that because the track is so green you know we haven't laid down any fresh rubber. It's not heat you know the tracks not hot but the car still performed very well, very predictable. I was turning lap times within a half a second every lap after lap. Again I'm just really proud of Team Steeda and that we have the discipline and the ability here in Florida to test every weekend like I'm telling you we have two state-of-the-art facilities here in Florida and Georgia the best tech teams in the business and we're constantly tuning and testing and we're testing other people's products other manufacturing products to make sure that Steeda is always delivering the best to our customers and that's one thing I want to say, we race to win so our customers win, and again I want to thank everybody at Team Steeda that made this weekend happen and the discipline and the dedication the whole team at Steeda has and thank you very much.
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
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Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
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