Steeda Mustang Sport Lowering Springs - Linear (2015-2019 GT/V6)

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Springs are the foundation of good handling and ride quality. So start with the best springs for your 2015-2019 Mustang, built by the company that specializes in vehicle dynamics and your Mustang!

Our experience and expertise in high performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none - Put that experience to work for you. Steeda springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications. Steeda springs are developed using advanced proprietary CAD data, and our exclusive 3d modeling setting us apart from the others.

They optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry creating a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nose dive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaing an outstanding ride quality for daily driving.

Steeda springs provide the best combinations of handling and ride quality available!

Note: Steeda Springs are manufactured under these rigorous manufacturing certifications: QS-9000 & ISO 9001.

Product Benefits
  • Lowers your 2015-2019 Mustang 1" on all 4 corners
  • Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics and improved vehicle stance
  • Sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive
  • Fits coupe and convertible
  • Comes with a LIFETIME warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions:

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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Love my sport linear springs.
Love my sport linear springs. Sits perfect, and rides great, not harsh, very comfortable but stiffened up just right for corners. Great springs.
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from on 3/22/2017
Love the new stance
Best lowering springs for the Mustang! I fell in love when I rode in a friends Mustang 3 weeks ago. Absolutely LOVE them! The ride feels lowered and has no bounce like another buddies Mustang with a different brand of springs. Great product Steeda!
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from on 2/20/2017
I LOVE them
Well, I have to say, after going for a drive on these today, I LOVE them. The ride is not harsh at all, even on less than ideal roads. The bounce is also gone, and the car just sits so much better. Thank you, Steeda!
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from South Carolina on 10/13/2016
Definitely a must do mod
Springs will change the car completely. When pushed the PP springs have a terrible corner entry double bounce/wiggle that will make you pee a little the first time you experience it. Swapped mine over to Steeda sport springs and sway bars at 800mi or so and it makes the car feel in the road not just on it. Plus they drop it just the right amount without sacrificing ride quality. Definitely a must do mod if you are into that sorta thing.
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from Californai on 7/7/2016
They are great springs
They are great springs. The car handles and looks much better than stock. It was weird because when I first got the car, I was determined to not touch the springs as I thought Ford had finally figured out how to close the wheel gap and now here I am. I definitely like the look and feel of the car now.
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from Missouri on 3/9/2016
It's a HUGE difference from the relatively vague/floaty stock PP setup
The G-Trac brace made a big difference in ability to turn in with exactitude on my PP-equipped GT, albeit modified with Steeda springs and sways. The back end of my car got where I needed it with Steeda springs, sways, bushing mounts and vertical links. The car now steers beautifully, doesn't roll, doesn't pitch on acceleration or dive under braking, and the front-to-rear grip is matched, yielding great confidence to place the car right where you want it on corner entry, mid turn, and exit. The G-Trac brace's effect on steering was both noticeable and transformative. It's a HUGE difference from the relatively vague/floaty stock PP setup. I'd say it even rides better without those stock PP undulations. I did not feel the need for the rear brace after the bushing mounts and vertical links (put on after everything else), but that's not to say that the chassis wouldn't improve yet more from it; I'm still considering doing it. It's just that the car feels perfect right now for hard-ass canyon carving and everyday use.
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from Washington on 2/25/2016
My GT PP Has Been Transformed
My GT PP has been transformed into a real handler, which is really important here in SoCal what with all the canyons and backroads that I love so much. Before, the car was unsettled, especially in the rear, on turn in as the body moved on the suspension, decreasing confidence in entering, holding, and exiting a turn. No more. Residual roll is gone and turns just EXECUTE. S-turns no longer confuse the chassis. And there is absolutely NO DEGRADATION in ride quality. The car tracks straight over road undulations with very little if any steering input.
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from California on 2/16/2016
Steeda For The Win!
Wanted to waste no time modding the 2015 Mustang as soon as it was delivered, so I decided to pick up these Sport springs. The install was a breeze and the guys over at Steeda are friendly and knowledgeable when it came to ordering these springs. Super happy with the ride quality and I will be sure to submit pics to Steeda - thanks for the superb suspension upgrade!
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from California on 1/28/2016
Amazing Upgrade to the S550
All I can say is wow - the ride quality of these springs is just as comfortable if not more comfortable than the OEM Performance Pack springs. The 2015 Mustang doesn't have too much wheel gap right from the factory, but these Steeda springs give it that perfect drop to close the wheel gap even more. Great bang for the buck!
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from Georgia on 11/6/2015
Handles amazing!
If you are looking for a spring that handles amazing and looks killer, these are them! They also ride just as comfortable as the factory Performance Pack springs! Love em'!
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from Florida on 7/19/2015
Its handle is awesome, any one know what's its front & rear spring are? Thanks
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from Louisiana on 5/10/2015
wheel hop on my car is 100% eliminated
A couple of months ago, I started looking into overhauling the suspension of my 2015 GT PP. Up to that point, I had put about 7000 miles on my Mustang which allowed me to get a good sense of the issues with the IRS and overall suspension in stock form. Specifically, I wanted to stiffen up the entire rear end and eliminate the dreaded wheel hop while keeping NVH as close to the stock levels as possible. I also decided to replace the stock PP springs and sway bars in order to improve the overall handing, reduce body roll/brake dive and get rid of the bouncy ride. After going through a ton of feedback on the various solutions from the aftermarket (a lot of which came from fellow mustang6g members), I decided to go with Steeda. Below are the parts I chose to go with. Differential Bushings (Red/Street) Subframe Alignment Kit Subframe Bushing Support Vertical Links Rear Toe Link Subframe Suport Braces Linear Sport Springs Front and Rear Sway Bars and Billet Sway Bar Mounts Bumpsteer Kit I already had the Extreme G-Trak Brace installed. Now to the most important part...the results. The handling of the car is on a whole different level after the suspension upgrades. Minimal pitch and roll during braking, turns and transitions. Overall, the entire car is very tight with much better turn in. As expected, the biggest improvement is the rear end. The power delivery through the IRS is fantastic. The wheel hop on my car is 100% eliminated. The rear tires feel as if they are glued to the ground. Coming out of corners, I am able to get on the throttle earlier and more aggressively without any drama. In terms of NVH, I hear some gear whine in 6th gear under minimal throttle between 75 and 80mph (windows closed/stereo off) as a result of the differential bushing inserts. Apart from that, I can't tell a difference compared to stock. Even the ride quality feels great. My fiance couldn't tell that anything had been done to the car. Overall, I am very happy with the results. Props to Steeda for the excellent work they have done. In the near future, I am looking forward to adding a quality set of performance shocks/struts and hitting the road course.
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from Georgia on 5/7/2015
Handles Like It's On Rails
Sprung for the EcoBoost Performance Pack and was initially happy with the way it handled - until I installed these Steeda Sport lowering springs. No more wheel gap and the stance is on point! Lowered the car about an inch all the way around and couldn't be happier. Just wanted to thank Steeda again for actually having this part in stock and for the fast/free shipping!
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from Texas on 4/11/2015
Great ride
Great ride. Easy install. I scheduled the alignment with Ford after driving for a week to allow for settling.
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from Wyoming on 3/1/2015
I'm officially a believer!
Ok. So I know everyone has already made threads about their Steeda stuff, but I'm officially a believer! Springs Sway bars Sway bar Billet Brackets Vertical Links Toe Arms Bump steer kit G-Track Brace IRS bushings MMR Camber Plates Performance wheel alignment The car is a go kart. Set the front sway bars to the center and rear to the lower settings, entry high speed turn is predictible, so much so I haven't learned the limits yet. The ass can be easily manuvered with throttle (Race mode/traction off). The body roll seems like it's gone (once the track wheels/tires come in I'll know for sure), it's unreal, I am in LOVE with the car now. This is the way it should've come from the factory for the PP cars. Really a learning curve, since now everything is souch more compossed. The IRS bushings and arms drastically changed the feel of the car on take off, the power actually goes to the tires (which I spin even easier now, even with camber still within factory specs.) There's not that feeling like the IRS wasn't properly fastened, it feels like it's built in to the body. Such a great mod. I'm ordering the IRS brackets as well, but I don't see how it can really improve further. It that good!! Steeda has my vote!
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from Georgia on 1/13/2015
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